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  1. Oh Really now did I??? I dont live in your Sorry Ass Town. The last time I visited that shithole, thats what Club Kriptonite was called that my friends promoted for. I don't discuss name changes with them dickhead. And who cares if the clubs are lame, they are working promoters from Boston because your Gay town doesnt have any good promoters. Thanks for the info on your Fruity uncle too. Now I know whos Gay Sausage Cart To Tip Over the next time I visit!!! And Look me up Dickhead.... I'm a known DJ in the Boston Area with 3 radio shows. 1 of which is on Sirius Satellite Radio. And i'm 100% ITALIAN shithead, NOT PHILIPINO. I have NO Realation to the Fake Allfordjs. U know.... the guy you said was your friend in your original email to me when I told u to go Fuck Yourself! Remember??? Lol.... Moron!! BTW.... I'm sure the audio engineers and festival organizers that u supplied for the last 2 years.... would love to know they are dealing with a Copy Cat Fake Ass DJ who steals music from sites like Greenhitz and then sells it for $20 bucks a month. Get a real Job Loser!!!
  2. Duhhh!!! Retard... I don't drop Names. I'm not a name dropper. Thats something u would do. But I will tell u this. The 2 kids I know that are promoters there in Myrtle Beach... Will find you. And when they do, u won't even know what hit u. Watch your back fuckface. Boy are u gonna be surprised...lol! All I have to say is I hope u like to play golf Dickhead! BTW ... does The Nightclub Club Kryptonite, Froggy Bottomz, and The Bowery Sound familier. U can find my people around those 3 clubs. Just go in and ask, if u have any balls....LOL... U Silly Dick!
  3. Wow... scbeachlocal. You seem to have problems with everyone on this site. MAYBE your the Fng Problem. If u were in front of me right now... I'd spit in your face and then bang your girlfriend right infront of u. Stop getting dj's in here all riled up. U are a No Name Loser from South Carolina and your mixes sound like TRAIN WRECKS!!! Do everybody a solid on Greenhitz and jump off a bridge. U little weazul!!!!!! Hey djwayne30... I see the emails. He is a weazul... He wants to download everyones music and then talk sht about them on every forum. He's a Nobody DJ. I have 3 friend in SC that are huge club promoters, and not one of them has even heard of this loser. Keep doin your thing man, no worries. This dudes a jerkoff!!
  4. Scbeachlocal... who are u talking to in your posts on this thread?. I'm not sure who u are directing your comments too.
  5. Yeah, I figured that. I don't even know who this guy is in the excuses me ripping him off. I've never even sold anything on ebay and this guy accuses me of selling him a looking back series intake and his money. I love to help out my fellow djs. Any music I have gotten that has not been posted I have posted for free. I do ask people to email me for passwords but I never charge anyone for:cool: them unlike allfordjs who tries to get 20 bucks a month out of people for remixes that he never even produced. Anyway... long live Greenhitz!!!
  6. Hey Jerkoff... U Obviously have the wrong djfazio. I never sold a looking back series on Ebay. I've never even had an ebay or Paypal account before in my life. The looking back series I have was downloaded with links from someone on GREENHITZ. SO Check Yourself before u go accusing someone. A Little FYI... Do your Homework... There are 3 DJ FAZIO's in Boston alone, 2 in Toronto Canada and 4 in ITALY. So I advise u to ERASE your post or I am reporting u to the moderator, and hopefully your kicked off greenhitz for false accusations.
  7. I have The Looking Back Series. Lets Trade!!! I need Club Classics V.17 & V.6 .... CB# 68.... And some Crookln Clan Tracks, But not stuff from Mixtapez. I already have that stuff. Also, if u can think of anything else I may be interested in, Let me know. If u have any of these. Email me the links todjfazio1@gmail.com. I will reply back with the Lookin Back Series Links. Thanks!
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