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    In tall t-shirts and boots, you can find Texas native Gilberto "L.a.r.g.o." Tracy, humming or beat boxing in the city of Fort Worth, constantly "listening" for his next piece of work. Coming from the depths of 7 years producing artists locally and abroad with label and artist management expertise, L.a.r.g.o. has found his way back to his heart, producing R & B, Neo-soul, Hip Hop, Rap, and specialty instrumentals. L.a.r.g.o. is constantly trying to carve a new palette of sounds and drums into a different representation of "soul music" . Looking to find production credits across all genres of music, L.a.r.g.o. is set on feeding his need for instruments and individuality. Embodying a raw, spatially dynamic hip hop and jazz-soul flavor with club savvy drum sets and natural/symphonic elements with an occasional sampling, L.a.r.g.o. is a strong collaborator bringing "flipped" ideas and uniqueness to tracks. Influenced by the likes of Needlz, Danja Handz, Ryan Leslie Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Just Blaze and Issac Hayes, L.a.r.g.o. sets to work in bringing his name and label SERVIVOR SERIES LABEL GROUP to the forefront of Soul and Rap but Hip Hop respectively .......solidifying the power of music and the significance of the passion for doing music.

    ......:::::::: Respect to he above me .... the caretakers to my soul and dreams, G-O-D and Jesus ::::::::.....
  1. Aye bro, im feeling this.... Nice transitions .....