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  1. new dj coming to the team DJ T-rexx

    what up everyone.... I'm you r boy DJ T-rexx... New to the DJ world and trying to get out there. Im from New Jersey and been messing around for about 3yrs. I play top 40, reggae, hip hop, club, dance and latin music. Anyone having new music, banger music, let me know. I'm always down to keep my library updated. Anything i can do for you, just holla at me. My email adress is biginfamoust@yahoo.com I use 2 set ups... 1. Numark Axis 9 cd turntables connected to serato with a Numark mixer. Works pretty good!! 2. I have 2 pioneer MK2 cdj 800 with a serato mixer. Thats my favorite. hope to make some friends and get down with a DJ team... Holla at me .... Peace..