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  1. Astro - Stop Looking At My Moms

    This is cool for what it is. Not a track you can spin in the club, unless it's a kiddie club. But there's potential for Astro as he grows up.
  2. Diddy ft Rick Ross - Fountain Bleu

  3. Kanye West - Dark Fantasy

  4. I'm feeling Wiz, we'll see if he can make a mark.
  5. Exhibit C-H-E (RMX)

    Yeah South Beach. It was in Club Play and the bass was literally shaking the walls! It was insane.
  6. 50 Cent ft Jadakiss - Dump (Its Like That)

    This is hard body!
  7. Exhibit C-H-E (RMX)

    Somebody heard you! This was SHAKING the club the other night!
  8. Redman - Tigerstyle [Dirty/NoDJ/CDQ]

  9. Chris Brown - Sweetheart (Prod. by K-mac)

    This is alright
  10. Lil Wayne feat Pleasure P - I Got My

    He's right, he's not a human being
  11. Where I'm From - Alkhemi Jones

    Yeah, there's something there, definitely. I hope she gets the opportunity.
  12. Yung Cyph - I'm Feeling Right

    This is cool. The bass is crazy
  13. Exhibit C-H-E (RMX)

    !WHOA! I just said in another post that Kanye's new album was going to be epic, but THIS IS EPIC! Oh My God! I never heard of this kid but he is INCREDIBLE. I can't wait to blast this in my truck! Love It!
  14. I like this song. Kanye's new album is going to be EPIC!