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  1. This is cool for what it is. Not a track you can spin in the club, unless it's a kiddie club. But there's potential for Astro as he grows up.
  2. Yeah South Beach. It was in Club Play and the bass was literally shaking the walls! It was insane.
  3. Somebody heard you! This was SHAKING the club the other night!
  4. He's right, he's not a human being
  5. Yeah, there's something there, definitely. I hope she gets the opportunity.
  6. This is cool. The bass is crazy
  7. !WHOA! I just said in another post that Kanye's new album was going to be epic, but THIS IS EPIC! Oh My God! I never heard of this kid but he is INCREDIBLE. I can't wait to blast this in my truck! Love It!
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