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  1. I love how he can make that old sound sound New? Shout out to all those that picked up an instrument and took the time to learn how to play!!!
  2. Damn!!!! did you see the video? Hell I think I could " get used to this "!!!
  3. I see he's is going to be at the 102 jamz carshow next month. I like this one too!!
  4. I get those goosebumps every time I hear the perfect mix of beats, voice, flow!!! DJ E-STRO
  5. I will say he is consistent LOL! he got a tempo and he stays with it!! I really like this track!!! DJ E-STRO
  6. I like this one LOL!!! Bye-Bye size 6,7, and 8!! got to love it!!! ( PS thick girls rock!! )
  7. Sometimes a basic flow and basic beat can make a really good hit!! luv it!!!
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