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  1. yo Bagz i need the service pack dis shit is CLASSIC RIP real Niggas dnt live long
  2. can i get dat INSTRUMENTAL FAM
  3. this shit had tha club on BUCK!!!! I NEED A DROP PIMP
  4. downloading NOW need drops gotta play this at the club and put it in my mix
  5. dis might be one of Gotti best tracks i just heard it bout 2 download it and hit up that email for a promo pack we gotta break this one the streets need this
  6. 9Gotti - Ric Flair :: VirDiKO Player Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xP_uIuaj64&feature=related
  7. what up Gwopper u got any new 9Gotti i wonna bump it @ tha club
  8. track is fire it been rocking the crowd need tha service pack
  9. lets get 2 gether 4 a mixtape wit Gotti we need 2 break dis cat get @ me
  10. cool track money bagz imma give it a spin or few da beat is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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