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    TROO CALLIN - "Tha Nemesis" Californian Daniel 'Troo Callin' Hillman is not your average rapper. Starting out as a producer, Troo soon realized that his special talents lent themselves to writing hard-hitting, thought-provoking rhymes. With the release of his latest project - "I Need That" Street Mixtape Vol.1 - Troo is about to finally answer his calling and hit the B-I-G time. Following in the footsteps of rap greats Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Run DMC, Dr. Dre and Kanye West, Troo has a flow that is uniquely his own. Lyrical genius with chopped up beats to match, "I Need That" is a record that will propel this 23-year-old to the top - all the way from the urban clubs to the pop airwaves! As a local artist in Hawthorne, CA, Troo is used to hearing his rhymes as he drives around the way. Soon, this'll be the case whether he's in Compton, NYC, London or Tokyo. Why? Because a talent like this is due to go global. And quickly. "I won't stop til the world hears me," say Troo. The world is going to be pleased about that. A deep thinker, Troo isn't constrained by the stereotypes around him in the rap game. Rapping about women in a respectful way, preaching to the youth that their future is in their own hands, and generally creating a positive vibe, Troo wants his music to have a message that changes the world.With a sound that will be accessible to hip hop aficionados and pop-pickers alike, it is only a matter of time before that message gets where it's supposed to be: back onto the streets. As a song writer, producer, music publisher, and CEO of his own label, Book Bag Music, partnered in a joint venture with Last2Boyz Entertainment, Troo Callin is an artist in control of his own destiny. "I Need That" is going to be the start of a very long, and very successful, road. Join him for the journey now.
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