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  1. I need all volumes... Let me know what u need and i will be then happy to trade music... Thanks!!
  2. CDQ !!! check out the versions i posted in the link.... Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire
  3. 3 versions of the song in the link.... check it out !!!!! Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire
  4. Don't have Future Heat 20... Last i think i Got was 19... But i might be able to get that track for you..
  5. TO EVERYONE WHO IS REQUESTING SONGS PLEASE SEND SONG AND INSTRUMENTAL... OVER HALF THE SONGS YOU ARE REQUESTING HAVE INSTRUMENTALS THAT I CAN'T FIND... IF YOU SEND I WILL DO THEM WITHIN A DAY OR SO JUST ASK ALL THE OTHER DJ'S I ALREADY HOOKED UP... THANKS AGAIN... Also check out a new folder with Songs i just uploaded... Now i am from Cali and these are Stuff that people go Crazy for out here... Some are Party Breaks but they are all Pretty Good... I am Mexican so there is a Couple LAtin songs but i am Pretty Sure everyone has heard The Songs i posted... Tell Me what you think Ya'll...... JUST UPLOADED ABOUT 35 CLUB CLASSICS... CHECK'EM OUT PEEPS!!!! http://www.mediafire.com/?n35wt0157sz7t
  6. Just uploaded it bro.... also uploaded 3 more... check out the whole folder...Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire
  7. Yea bro Private message me of what u want and i will see what i have and hook u up... i got about 5k in tracks with intro... Also good lookin on the Electro just post the Link... Good Lookin bro and i will sure Hook U...
  8. Ok fist of all if you know the structure of music you would know that Every intro is done at 8 bars.. So Depending on the Bpm of the Song that is not anything I can control... For Example a 130bpm song itro is about 15 sec. cuz of the Tempo.. A 75 is almost gunna be double that cuz its slower... So i can't help you if u want me to make them all at 15 Sec... Thats not the way they are structured... ask any Dj that does Intros
  9. just uploaded 15 track check them out and hit me up if you need more... Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire
  10. To Everyone who is Making Requests I will have all your Songs Up tonight... Also since i am helping Everyone out i need you to do me a favor and post Electro House music.. Just the good Stuff.. And Good Electo House Blends.. Lets make this Thread the Best one on this Site Peoples!!!!
  11. I have All these.. I will post Later Tonight Bro... U can also get all these from Mixshow Ingredients.. Look online the series is easy to Find.. Google..
  12. I have Clean also... I Do Club so i usually use Dirty... But to Anyone who wants Clean or Dirty just Let me know....
  13. Ask Away Bro... If its new Stuff i will Have it... Some old too but just ask away Bro..
  14. Thats A Big list Bro.. I would have to make them and thats gunna take time... I might have some but not all... And i might not be able to do some if i cant get the instrumentals...
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