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    Will Vill - Ashes


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    From the newest of the new jacks to the most seasoned of the vets, every rapper has something to say about how the game has changed. Will Vill has plenty to say himself, but unlike so many others, hes not here to complain about how so-and-so dropped the ball or how the freshman class isnt real enough. Sure, the New York native wants to make some changes to the landscape, but instead of complaining and hoping for things to change on their own, Will chooses to stick to a simple principle earn respect through hard work and dedication.

    Even at the early stages of his career, Will had the kind of success that would make most rappers get lazy. Fed up with the escalation in police brutality he witnessed in New York City, Will crafted the powerful Devil in a Blue Dress. His politically charged lyrics gained the attention of some of the games best-known scholars and paved the way for performances with Mos Def, Dead Prez and The Roots. With tracks like Devils in a Blue Dress and Same Year, Different Number, Wills voice broke through the usual boundaries of Hip-Hop and earned him recognition in Esquire and The New York Times.

    Wills debut album, The Arrival, took things a step further as he used the sixteen tracks to show his diversity. He told dramatic tales on Dreams of Getting Murdered and recited poetry on Wishes, all the while reminding the competition of his dominance with Keep it Gritty. Will represents proudly both for the Dominican Republic and Washington Heights, bringing not only his experience and perspective to each track but the spirit of every man, woman and child from those places that created him.

    Never content to sit back and relax, Will continued to work at his craft. He came back even harder in 2010 starting with his singles Cop Shot and Man Listen which were college radio hits. Those singles were followed up by the release of the mixtape Hood World Order hosted by DJ Noodles and distributed by Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes. Wills momentum continued throughout the rest of 2010 with the release of the video for Cop Shot and his second mixtape I Came to Bring the Sword hosted by Superstar Jay.

    Backed by Barrio Jamz in the office and legendary producers such as Lord Finesse and Sly & Robbie in the booth, Will Vill is in the strongest position hes ever been and hes ready to take advantage. The mixtape Verbal Violence hosted by DJ Young Cee of the G-Unit/Shadyville team, and the singles Ashes produced by Lord Finesse, Not A Game featuring Roc Marciano, Get Fresh and Fahrenheit 451 featuring Avery Storm are on deck to usher in the new album Mangattan and help him burn through 2011 and beyond.

    A lot of emcees talk about going for the crown but its usually pretty hard to tell what makes them think they deserve it. Will Vill knows hes not there yet, but he knows how hes going to get there and better yet, he has the integrity to respect Hip-Hop the way he wants Hip-Hop to respect him. Line by line, track by track and album by album, Will continues to cement his position and display the kind of work ethic thats become too rare these days. Plain and simple, Will Vill is serious give him your attention or he will take it.

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