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    Dj Baybay Presents Essa Ft. St Dot - Hate On


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    When it comes to independent grinding in the south, you have Artists and labels thats getting to the money. You have artist that eat, sleep, and live for this thing called Hip-Hop. In the streets of Louisiana you got to mention Monroe Louisiana's grinding son EssA. EssA has been grinding over 10 years in the music game. He started out as a DJ in Monroe under DJ Gentleman George doing live remotes for the Hip-Hop radio station in his hometown. He later did promotions for Hypnotized Minds, Dirty work Ent., now known as AFG Music, Short Stop Records "Lil Troy", and Ice Age Ent. (Mike Jones). While working with Houston's Lil Troy, EssA landed a deal with Universal/Bungalo Records. The CD release sold a few thousand units without proper promotions. EssA went on to drop an independent release titled "Gutta Life" that sold upwards of 10,000 plus units out the trunk and in various mom and pop stores in the south. The album featured Juvenile, Sam I Am, T-Bo, Baby Boy Da Prince, and contained a hot single titled "POP IT OFF" featuring New Orleans legend 5th Ward Weebie which gained him a big buzz and generated radio play throughout the state of Louisiana and Texas. Now after years of going through bad deals, and all the pit falls of life, EssA is still here grinding it out. "We out here grinding and finishing up my new release which is untitled at the moment." while chilling with EssA, he gave us a preview of his new CD and believe me THIS DUDE GOT HEAT! His lead single HATE ON is a anthem/club banger! While listening, I heard a very well rounded sound on his project, it's hood but mainstream. EssA states "That's what I tried to do on this project, make world music, something every hood and race could feel. Every race has money problems, life problems, day to day stress and I'm no different from any of them. I really put my heart and soul into this project so the world can see what's in my heart and that I'm just trying to provide for mines and give them good music. We're built for this!"

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