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Mystikal Discusses Cash Money Deal

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''It Was Actually Materializing For A While Now''
8:30PM ET December 15th, 2011
Contributor : Stephen Willis
A Rocky Williform Company

Mystikal Discusses Cash Money Deal

Rapper Mystikal may have announced his signing with Cash Money this week, but the New Orleans native says that the deal has been in place for quite some time. He says it was in place even before his release from prison earlier this year.

âIt was actually materializing for a while now,â Mystikal revealed to VIBE. âThe conversation started when I was going through my incarceration. And those conversations continued once I came home. The right things happened and the right kind of deal was made. What I got from Wayne was donât be to astounded by what you are seeing because this is nothing. Letâs go make history. Thatâs a young dude telling me that. Coming from him and given the big things heâs doing right now, that was right on for me.â

Now, the former No Limit soldier is focused on returning to the charts.

âEven Ray Charles could see what was happening over at Cash Money. The minute I went over there and stepped my foot in the studio I knew it was real. I never thought I would go from No Limit to Cash Money. It was like God was leading me. Imagine what I can do over here,â said Mystikal.

As far as his past, he's learned some life lessons the hard way.

âThe number one thing that I learned is you have to watch your friends. Watch your surroundings and watch the people that you cry out to for help. Because by the time they come your situation will become far worse. I have to be really careful who I have around me.â
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