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Rihanna's Latest Twitter Beef

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''I Hate Weak, Stupid Women''
6:00AM ET December 14th, 2011
Contributor : Erica Moore
A Rocky Williform Company

Rihanna's Latest Twitter Beef

Rihanna got into heated war of words with a fan on Twitter. It seems that the fan misinterpreted a one of the pop star's tweets and the two were soon slinging insults at each other.

"My advice to my tweeps; careful how yall are tweetin lyrics," she tweeted. "You may come off a bit, I don't know...weak?!"

"It's ignorant enough to judge, but to judge by ASSUMPTION is just...#nowordstbh" she continued. "

Then a fan under the username @NickeyRockstar somehow got entangled into Rihanna's rant.

"I guess if you are not kissing her a** then its a problem," the fan tweeted. "Go be with Chrissy poo and let him rearrange your face AGAIN."

To which Rihanna replied, "Who said I was talking about u? If the cap fit...wear it, boo. And keep the bitch please for your friends. Deuces."

When @NickeyRockstar tweeted, "I hate weak, stupid women." Rih-Rih's explosive response was, "Me too bitch!!! Even worse...fake, judgmental, hypocritical ones."

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