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The Lo-Lifes

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It’s education time kiddos. I’ve been noticing a trend lately that extends to youngns rocking RL / Polo and claiming / thinking it’s something original. Well, hate to break it to you, but it’s faaar from a new trend. I wouldn’t even call it a “trend.” Where it all began, it was more of a culture, a way of life. Fact: I did not grow up around the Lo-Lifes or Deceptikonz, however I did hear stories of them and their legendary status in NYC. Some of your favorite rappers were a part of either the Lo-Lifes (see: Thirstin Howl III the Polo-Rican and Meyhem Lauren) and the Deceptz (Rockness & Ruck / Sean Price). Vice Magazine recently wrote two pieces covering the culture of racking and rocking ‘Lo, the most recent was an interview with Meyhem Lauren. Check them out and learn a thing or two. I sure as hell did. Then check after the jump for a clip from the (still yet to come?) Lo-Lifes Documentary.

What’s the difference between Lo-heads and Lo-Lifes?

Meyhem: Lo-Lifes are like the original crew, and one of the original Polo crews. There’s mad people who are just Lo-heads (collectors) who we’re cool with.

Chris: Don’t get it twisted, though—there was beef between Lo-heads, too.

Meyhem: Oh, of course. New York in general was dangerous back then. Riding on the train people would get their pockets picked or their wallet stolen. Imagine you’re wearing a thousand dollars worth of shit and you’re 15 and you run into another pack of kids that know what the deal is—it got crazy a lot.

Lo-Lifes Documentary

Deceptikonz Documentary

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