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Happy Black Friday!

Use discount code: BLKFRI21 at checkout for 50% off our services today only!

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Here is the link http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005D7TE0M

Buy it today for $2.99 and dont be cheap and spread the word


A Drug Dealer’s Lover. A gritty, dark, dramatic, urban crime thriller with suspense, with each character contributing different elements to the story as it is revealed from beginning to end. Each character finds a way to blend in, but also adds they own unique twist that only serves to make the plot increasingly complex.

When Gonzo, a rude, ignorant, shameless high school dropout-turned wannabe street hoodlum—is released from a ten-year prison sentence for a drug charge, he is financially, physically and spiritually broke.

Gonzo’s mother is on her death bed—gradually and irreversibly wasting away from a terminal illness. Her death would give him some desperately-needed money in the bank—but when? Meanwhile, his ex-boyfriend Carlos has been living the good life from a 2.5 million dollar scratch-off ticket. Gonzo enlists Carlos to help with an underground dope scheme that would not only get him out of the gutter but make him the supreme drug lord of the whole country.

A Drug Dealer’s Lover is a cynical look at what people are willing to sacrifice in the name of the almighty dollar.

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