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Game Disses Jay-Z, Kanye, Kreayshawn, Sesame Street, Paula Abdul & Your Momma On “Uncle Otis”

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Jayceon is on one. Of course for no apparent reason other than to raise awareness for his already-failed R.E.D. Album, dropping August 23rd. For archival and entertainment purposes however, we’ll play along and see what he’s got to say.

Which is really nothing at all. It’s ironic that this track sprung up out of the blue because I just listened to

in its entirety for the first time in several years. And I was just as impressed as the first day I heard it. Ultimately, beef wears thin on a rap career but when it’s cooked right, the benchmark it sets will always be remembered in time.

This isn’t one of those times. The first verse peaks with barbs at Jay and that one lame chick but after that, Game gets bored and exhibits a serious waste of studio dollars. Well, we all know who’s really “watching the throne” at this point, now don’t we?

Again. This is nothing but promotion for The R.E.D. Album. In stores August 23rd. The month’s 4th Tuesday at 12:01 am. It features EVERYBODY. Be at the store or he’ll do this again.

Game – “Uncle Otis” (Jay-Z Diss)

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