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Hoodie Allen – “The Chase Is On” Video

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Who’s ready for some new Hoodie? Sure, maybe only a few of you regulars acknowledged that question, but those who did probably have more fun than you who didn’t. See, when this occasionally bonkers Yonkers MC makes tracks like the previously posted, “You Are Not A Robot” and “Dreams Up,” it’s not because he’s trying to win the world. No, he makes these easy-going and ear-appealing ditties because – from the interweaving concepts to the extremely indie samples – they just come natural.

Following suit with the aforementioned ease is “The Chase Is On,” Allen’s video for the lead single to his upcoming Leap Year release. Dropping more of the picturesque wordplay and schoolyard flow we’ve come to expect from this could-be greaser, over another completely obscure sample (Walter Meego’s “Girls, anyone?), this swirling synth-party finds it’s host in search of brunette beauty and leaves his fans getting exactly what they both wanted and expected.

Surely the diversity will come down the line, but for right now, it may not be necesary.

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