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Sp Da Don Ft. Lil Willie - Pimps & Players

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I go by the name of Spartacus better known as Sp the Don, I was born and raise in broward county florida in the eighties. Im from a big family middle child from my mother side, Second to last nearly double digits siblings. I went to Ely Highschool and started skipping school with my freinds. so i had to go to nightschool to graduate. Right after I graduate in 2001 I join the army.

Not only a street soldier label me a war veteran. Iraq and afghan could'nt bring forward my demise. Fresh out the military i got introduce to jail, And from then on it was numorous run in with the law.

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Download SP Da Don Ft. Lil Willie - Pimps & Players Clean

Download SP Da Don Ft. Lil Willie - Pimps & Players Dirty

Contact: renaudfastmoney@aol.com / 561-674-5452

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Guest flavamixx

Its a decent dance club track.. I can hear that. But personally I just don't like it. I do listen to and spin dance tracks, but this one to me just lacks that pop that a good dance track has. I think most of has to do with the music and the dude voice in the hook. Just didnt do it for me...Thanks for the track!!

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