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Poco - Original Album Classics (2008)

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Poco - Original Album Classics (2008)

5CDs | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release: 2008 | MP3 320 kbps | 465 MB

Poco rose from the ashes of Buffalo Springfield in the late 1960s when Richie Furay, Jim Messina and Rusty Young decided to form a new band. Commercial success was far from steady but the band enjoyed several placings in the Top 20. Although the band first split in 1984, they have reunited since and still play today. Both the debut album Pickin Up the Pieces and the eponymous follow-up failed to translate their good reviews into sales. Band members became increasingly despondent and with 1973s Crazy Eyes marking their commercial zenith by reaching a distinctly average No.38, they left their record label two albums later. The record label switch did little to reverse their fortunes and their progress continued much as before. Several line-up changes and albums on, they finally released a record which seemed to vindicate all their earlier effort. Legend (1978) went gold and rose to the No.14 spot in the charts. Crazy Love and Heart of the Night from the album also hit the singles charts. But it was a flash in the pan and they returned to their lacklustre sales with subsequent records and in 1985 the band entered a five year hiatus. When they returned their progress was much as before. Though they continue to tour and release albums to the present day it seems they may never recapture the success they never really had.

2008 five CD box. The Original Album Classics series, courtesy of Sony/BMG, packages together five classic albums from one of the most popular artists on the label's roster, housing them in an attractive slipcase. This set from the Country rockers features the albums Pickin Up The Pieces (1969), Poco (1970), From The Inside (1971), Good Feelin' To Know (1972) and Crazy Eyes (1973).


DISC 1 - Pickin Up The Pieces (1969):

01. Foreword

02. What a Day

03. Nobody's Fool

04. Calico Lady

05. First Love

06. Make Me a Smile

07. Short Changed

08. Pickin' Up the Pieces

09. Grand Junction

10. Oh Yeah

11. Just in Case It Happens, Yes Indeed

12. Tomorrow

13. Consequently So Long

14. Do You Feel It Too

DISC 2 - Poco (1970):

01. Hurry Up

02. You Better Think Twice

03. Honky Tonk Downstairs

04. Keep on Believin'

05. Anyway Bye Bye

06. Don't Let It Pass By

07. Nobody's Fool/El Tonto de Nadie, Regressa

DISC 3 - Crazy Eyes (1973):

01. Blue Water

02. Fools Gold

03. Here We Go Again

04. Brass Buttons

05. Right Along

06. Crazy Eyes

07. Magnolia

08. Let's Dance Tonight

DISC 4 - From the Inside (1971):

01. Hoe Down

02. Bad Weather

03. What Am I Gonna Do

04. You Are the One

05. Railroad Days

06. From the Inside

07. Do You Feel It Too

08. Ol' Forgiver

09. What If I Should Say I Love You

10. Just for Me and You

DISC 5 - A Good Feelin' To Know (1972):

01. And Settlin' Down

02. Ride the Country

03. I Can See Everything

04. Go and Say Goodbye

05. Keeper of the Fire

06. Early Times

07. Good Feelin' to Know

08. Restrain

09. Sweet Lovin'






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