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Jon Boy: Alcohol Poison ft Yung Ralph

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Jon Boy: Alcohol Poison ft Yung Ralph



Talent these days are hidden in some of the smallest parts of the world and have an arduous time in the attempt to being discovered. Hip-Hop/Rap artist JonBoy is a prime example who comes from a small town called Brundidge, Alabama with a population of approximately 2300. A place I'm sure 99% of us are unaware of.

Growing up in their families' trailer where lack of heat and electricity along with the woes of witnessing his mother succumb to physical abuse by his father was far too common. To add to the already hard knock life he was living, he was exposed to many people dying around him, to include a close family member that would change his outlook on life forever. JonBoy had to discover a path to express himself in a way that would prohibit him from becoming another statistic by being locked up or dead but he wasn't sure how. Although there was some dibble dabbling in hustling that was a learned behavior dating back to his grandmother's bootlegging of whiskey days, he still knew he was destined for something greater.

When JonBoy was at a tender age of 12, he began his musical career. Watching some classmates at the time rap to a "Say No To Drugs" campaign inspired him to express himself although his lyrical content would be just the opposite. The streets, guns, drugs and the likes would be the composition to his music. What started out as just some fun amongst friends who would then form the group Young Mindz, he quickly learned after recording their first song and selling out of their cd's that they were possibly on to something. Through many downward spirals of broken promises and shattered dreams by people who claimed to be able to take their talents to another level, he never gave up.

Hot Rod, CEO to Grown Man Entertainment recognized his talent and is the reason why JonBoy is still doing what he does today

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