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Redd - Confidence vs Arrogance: Redd Friday

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Redd began picking up the pen and spitting on the mic at the age of 13. The main artists that would Redd would be caught listening too is Lil Kim, Ludacris, Janet Jackson, and Snoop Dogg. But most couldn't cope with the issue that Redd has an over confidence about himself, like he started calling himself the King Nigga, Pharaoh of Rap, and saying that no one is greater! But hate is just fuel to the fire of this upcoming great MC from STL. Not following the fore coming artists from St. Louis, Redd speaks what he feels as he feels!

In September of 2007, Redd formed a rap trio with 2 of his now former companions under the name, T.N.T. This was a short-lived chapter in Redd's career, as the group split up by Spring of 2008. But what the others didn't do that Redd did was continue pushing through the music industry. He started collaborating with a few artists across the nation. Around the Fall season of 2008, an aspiring female rapper contacted Redd about helping her grow as not just a rapper, but an artist!

In January 2009, Redd was invited to perform in a showcase consisting of 65 musicians around the St. Louis area, and was judged by A&Rs from Shady/Interscope, Bad Boy/Atlantic, Sony, and Universal Records. By this time Redd made up his mind to remain independent so it didn't bother him that he wasn't offered a contract with one of the labels. After plenty of set-backs with his mixtape release due to lack of DJ support, Redd started to planned out his own independent entertainment label.

Him and his latest female partner, T.A., had performed for the first time together in May of 2009, and for T.A.'s first performance she showed out like it was her 10th! After that performance, Redd went on another performance hiatus to focus on establishing his independent label and recording. In mid-August, Redd established his own entertainment label, Top Flight Dynasty Ent., LLC. In time, contracts were drawn up and business plans were being written.

T.A. officially signed in December and is currently working on a few mixtapes and an album. Redd's album is due in the Fall season of 2010. A Mississippi native male singer joined the camp in April of 2010 and is working on some projects at the moment also.

May 4, 2010 was a big day for Top Flight Dynasty as Redd's first ever single "Gone Shake It" dropped worldwide via digital download. Since June 2010, Redd has been receiving radio airplay on Clear Channel Radios through Iheart Radio. In thoughts of pushing back his debut album "Plain & Simple", Redd changed his mind and also his game plan. "Plain & Simple" drops October 26, 2010 and Top Flight Dynasty Ent. has some big things in the works for the near future.

Mid-October, Top Flight Dynasty Ent. had announced that Redd

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