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Crooklyn Clan Package (7 Gb )

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01 Terry Urban - Biggie & Kanye West_Love Or Money_Terry Urban Remix.mp3

02 Terry Urban - Az & Nas_The Word Up Firm_Terry Urban Remix.mp3

03 Terry Urban - Black Moon_How Many Mc's_Terry Urban Remix.mp3

04 Terry Urban - Common Feat. Jay Z_So Far To Go_Terry Urban Remix.mp3

05 Terry Urban - Raekwon Feat. Ghostface_Criminology_Terry Urban Remix.mp3

06 Terry Urban - Nas Feat. Az_ The Flyest_Terry Urban Remix.mp3

07 Terry Urban - Clipse_Mr Me Too_Terry Urban Remix.mp3

08 Terry Urban - Mobb Deep Feat. Common_Hell On Earth_Terry Urban Remix.mp3

09 Terry Urban - Jay Z & Kanye West_Diamonds Circulate_Terry Urban Remix.mp3

10 Terry Urban - Redman & Method Man_How High_Terry Urban Remix.mp3

3 Bad Brothaz - Another Gangsta Bites the Dust (DJ Kontrol Mash Up Mix).mp3

3 Bad Brothaz - Patron Shot BREAK Top 40 Medley.mp3

3 Bad BrothazT - Hip Hop Party In The U.S.A. (Mash-Up Mix) (96 - 100 BPM).mp3

5 Star Sexy Bitch (Transition Up) (77 - 130 BPM) (Dirty).mp3

50 Cent Ft. Ne - Yo Vs. Jay-Z - Baby By Jigga (Rock-It! Scientists Clean Kitchenaid Blended).mp3

50 Cent Ft. Ne - Yo Vs. Jay-Z - Baby By Jigga (Rock-It! Scientists Dirty Kitchenaid Blended).mp3

50 Cent Ft. Ne-Yo Vs. Jay-Z - Baby By Jigga (Rock-It! Scientists Clean Kitchenaid Blended).mp3

50 Cent Ft. Ne-Yo Vs. Jay-Z - Baby By Jigga (Rock-It! Scientists Dirty Kitchenaid Blended).mp3

914 Hit Squad - Ain't Nobody (DJ CJ ReDrum).mp3

914 Hit Squad - Bass Down Low Like A G6 (113-125 Transition).mp3

914 Hit Squad - Getting Over Remix (Hitsquad Hype Intro).mp3

A Bay Bay (Clean-This Is Why I'm Hot).mp3

A-Ha - Take On Me ((Rock-It! Scientists Big Bass Hype Castro Refix)).mp3






Alarma (Manik Flipped Remix).mp3

Alejandro Montero - Move that body (Original Mix).mp3

Alex Dreamz - Just A Girl Remix.mp3

Alex Dreamz - Let It Rock Electro Mix.mp3

Alex Dreamz - Loddi Doddi (Alex Dreamz Blend) - Acapella In.mp3

Alex Dreamz - Loddi Doddi (Alex Dreamz Blend) - Intro.mp3

Alex Dreamz - Low Satisfaction.mp3

Alex Dreamz - Push It Bootleg.mp3

Alex Dreamz - Sexy Bitch Bootleg Remix.mp3

Alex Dreamz - Shiny Disco Drugs.mp3

Alex Dreamz - This Is How We Do It (Trans 128-105) - Montell Jordan vs Alex Dreamz.mp3

Alex Dreamz - Thriller Remix.mp3

Alex Dreamz - Use Somebody Electro Mash.mp3

Alex Dreamz - We Like To Fuck.mp3

Alex Rage - Change Girls.mp3

Alex Rage - Don't Stop (Alex Rage Remix v2).mp3

Alex Rage - Drop It Low (Alex Rage Club Remix).mp3

Alex Rage - For My City (Original Mix).mp3

Alex Rage - I Want Those (Flashing Lights).mp3

Alex Rage - Rump Shaker (Alex Rage Remix V3).mp3

Alex Rage - Young'n (Holla Back) (Uptempo - Flat Intro).mp3

Alicia Keys Vs. Cham Vs. Beck ((Rock - It! Scientists)) - Ghetto Loser.mp3

Angel Pro Dj - Daddy's MegaMix (Reggaeton Medley 97-115 bpm).mp3

Angel Pro Dj - Riverside Drums (Electro House ReFix).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Alcoholic Anthem (Main Mix).mp3

Anthem Kingz - ANTE UP (TRANSITION 94-130).mp3


Anthem Kingz - Beautiful Womanizer.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Because I Got High 2009.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Big & Some 2Pac Blend -(htc.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Biggie Kicks In The House.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Blah Blah Break.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Boyz Electro Transition.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Buy You A Round Of Patron.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Centipede Transition (128-106) (Dirty).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Chop Suey (Epic Electro mix).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Crack A Multi-Blend (Party Intro - Acapella Out).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Crazy Train (Kingz 2010 Insane Bootleg).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Da Riverside Funk.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Dance Like A Freak (Kingz Extra Freaky Intro.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Dancehall Party Transition.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Down (Kingz Party Intro) (2 Verse. Lil Wayne).mp3


Anthem Kingz - Dutchy Apache.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Feel It Shut It Down.mp3


Anthem Kingz - Get Get Down (Bmore Dutch RMX).mp3


Anthem Kingz - Hotel Room (Kingz BMore Flip).mp3

Anthem Kingz - I Gets Crazy (Dirty).mp3

Anthem Kingz - I Wanna Rock (Ballin Suprise Edit) (Aca Out).mp3

Anthem Kingz - I Wanna Rock (Ballin Suprise Edit) (Main Mix).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Imma Rockstar.mp3

Anthem Kingz - It's Not Pon Usual .mp3

Anthem Kingz - Joy and Pain Ish.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Mama Said Rock You Out (Hype Mix).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Mo Reggae Mo Problems.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Money For Nothin (Private Bootleg).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Muliti Headsprung.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Nosy Neighbor (Kingz Extended Scoop Mix).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Party Break 05 (Main) (127-102 Transition).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Play That Funky Remix (Kingz Flip).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Pump Up The Jam (Dutch Transition) (Main Mix).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Replay (Blame It Blend)(Aca Out).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Replay (Do My Ladies Blend)(Aca Out).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Replay (Everyday People Blend).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Replay (Multi-Blend Aca Out).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Ritmo Latino Partybreak.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Shut It Down (Kingz Shut It Down Hype) (Dirty).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Solo (with MJ).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Song 2 (Kingz Bmore Dutch Banger).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Sound Of The Police (Kingz Dutch Remix).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Sweet Dreams (Kingz Dutty Dutch Remix).mp3

Anthem Kingz - This is how we party in the USA.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Tipsy 2009 (w Blame It).mp3

Anthem Kingz - Tryin To Fuck.mp3

Anthem Kingz - Twistas Birthday Party.mp3

Anthem Kingz - WELCOME TO BEDROCK (ft Club Headliners).mp3

Anthem Kingz - WELCOME TO MURDER SHE WROTE (Reggae Transition Tool 75-95).mp3

Anthem Kingz- Marvin Gets Married.mp3

Anthem Party Break # 4 [Money Break}.mp3





Antix - Culture Beat - Mr Vain (Remix ft. Pitbull).mp3

Antix - Pitbull vs David Guetta - When The Anthem Goes Out.mp3


ATL Top Gun (Kidd Star Mash-Up Mix) (Dirty).mp3

A_Mover_La Colita_Manik_Dirty_Dutch_Remix.mp3

Baby Bash Ft. Mario & Lil' Jon Vs. Aaliyah & Timbaland - How Are You That Somebody (Rock-It! Scientists Edit).mp3




Back That Ass Up (Manik Party Remix).mp3

Bartender (Clean-Say It Right).mp3


Bazil - Dirty Bitch (Electro Filthy Remix).mp3

Bazil - Put Ya Handz Up Now (Hype House Banger).mp3


Bazil - STARDUST FiStPuMp (Progressive Banger).mp3

Bazil - Time To Lick Shots (Dope Missy Shots).mp3




Beat Thrillerz - At Night (Mickey Bono Remix).mp3

Beat Thrillerz - Patron Tequila (Beat Thrillerz Remix).mp3

Beat Thrillerz - Rise Up (Mickey Bono Remix).mp3

Bel_Air(Murda She Wrote 2010).mp3

BenG - Circus Girls Break.mp3

BenG - Fuck That Shit (Outta Your Mind House Break).mp3

BenG - Good Life The Epic Version.mp3

BenG - Love Lockdown Is Gone.mp3

BenG - Run This Town (BenG&amp #39 s Hell Baby Club Mix.mp3

BenG - SOS.mp3

BenG - The Way I Feedback.mp3

BenG - World Goes On (Peak Hour Overhaul Mix).mp3

Benja Styles - Bad Romance With No Secruity.mp3

Benja Styles - Do You Remember The Time.mp3

Benja Styles - Ojos Que No Ven.mp3

Benja Styles - Sexy Bitch Be Quiet (Dirty).mp3

Benja Styles - Sweet Dreams Are Like That.mp3

Benja Styles - Young Forever (Benja Styles Redrum).mp3

BenjaStyles - How Low Can You Cupid Shuffle (DJ Freebird Video).mp4

Birthday Sex (Manik Bass Remix).mp3

Blend Brothers - Already Gone (ElektroBanger).mp3

Blend Brothers - Empire State Of Mind Part II (Big Room House Edit).mp3

Blend Brothers - Get Low Segway to Pants On The Ground Get Low (clean).mp3

Blend Brothers - Horny (2010 WMC Pussy Pleaser Edit) (Feat. DJ MakJ).mp3

Blend Brothers - How Low (ElektroBanger 2.0).mp3

Blend Brothers - I'm In Miami Bitch (2010 WMC Banger) (Dirty).mp3

Blend Brothers - Lollifaction.mp3

Blend Brothers - Meet Her In My Head.mp3

Blend Brothers - Move for Me Dangerously.mp3

Blend Brothers - Pants On The Ground Get Low.mp3

Blend Brothers - Rude Boy (E.I. Edit).mp3

Blend Brothers - Rude Boy (Throwback ElektroBanger).mp3

Blend Brothers - Somebody to Dutch (Bieber Goes Dutch Edit).mp3

Blend Brothers - Sunshine of Your Love (114-127 Transition)(ft. BREN F).mp3

Blend Brothers - The Hotstepper MegaMash.mp3

Blend Brothers - Tie Me Down (CarryOut).mp3

Blend Brothers - Tie Me Down (Conceited).mp3

Blend Brothers - Tie Me Down (Impacto).mp3

Blend Brothers - Tie Me Down (Money Ain't A Thing).mp3

Blend Brothers - Tie Me Down (You Can Do It).mp3

Blend Brothers - Timba Is Gone.mp3

Blend Brothers - Whores in MJ&amp rsquo s Arms.mp3

Blend Brothers - You Can Call Me Bedrock (Throwback ElektroBanger).mp3

Blend Brothers ft. DJMAKJ - Burning Down the House (103-128 Dirty Dutch UpTrans)(Intro).mp3

Blend Brothers ft. DJMAKJ - Calabria (2010 ReFresh Big Room Banger).mp3

Blend Brothers ft. DJMAKJ - Horny (2010 WMC Pussy Pleaser Edit).mp3

Blend Brothers ft. DJMAKJ - Somebody to Love (Intro Hype 1 Verse and Out Quick Edit).mp3

Blend Brothers ft. DJMAKJ - Somebody to Love (Intro Hype Full Edit).mp3

Blend Brothers ft. DJMAKJ - Somebody to Love (Intro Hype Usher Verse and Out Edit).mp3

Blend Brothers ft. DJMAKJ - Watch the Club go Dutch (Move It Private Bootleg Banger).mp3

Blend Brothers ft. DJMAKJ - Zombie Nation (Dutch Banger ReWork).mp3

Bone Thugs N Harmony - Tha Crossroads (Rock-It! Scientists Bones & Bass Edit).mp3

Bring Em Out Break (Jewelz Party Starter).mp3

Britney Spears Ft. Fat Man Scoop (Rock-It! Scientists) - Britney's Break (Rock-It! Scientists Edit).mp3

Bruce Speingsteen Vs. Discotech - Born In The Usa (With Drums).mp3

Budz Inc. - Pants on the Ground (B-More mix, QM).mp3

Budz Inc. - Swing Dat Satisfaction (Dirty).mp3

Busta Rhymes Vs. Rick Ross - Touch The Boss (Rock-It! Scientists Dirty Edit).mp3

C & C Music Factory - Keep It Comin' (Discotech Remix).mp3

Can I Get A Transition (130-88).mp3

Cheap Thrills - Pass Out Pon De Floor.mp3






























Chris Baraket - Evacuate The Dance Floor.mp3

Chris Baraket - Samir's Pushy Mash (Your Remix Exclusive).mp3

Chris Cornell - Part Of Me (Discotech Remix).mp3

Chrome_Painted(Murda She Wrote 2010).mp3

Ciara Feat. Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic (Discotech Remix).mp3

Claudio D - Because I Got High.mp3

Claudio D - Dangerous.mp3

CLAUDIO D - Dust In The Wind [Reggaeton Mix].mp3

Claudio D - Fresh Prince vs Claudio D.mp3

CLAUDIO D - I Know You Want Me (Pitbull's Hip Hop mix).mp3

CLAUDIO D - I Like it Like that 2010.mp3

CLAUDIO D - Live Your Life Unreleased Dance Mix.mp3

CLAUDIO D - Sexy Bitch ( Reggaeton Transition ft. Pitbull ).mp3

Club Headliners - Ante Up (2K10 B-MoreElectro).mp3

Club Headliners - Club Love Down Low V2.mp3

Club Headliners - Eenie Meenie Tik Tok V2.mp3

Club Headliners - Freak (B-More Mega Mix).mp3

Club Headliners - I Made It (Mother Superior Transition).mp3

Club Headliners - I'm Over.mp3

Club Headliners - In my Head (Cure & Cause Transition).mp3

Club Headliners - New Yes.mp3

Club Headliners - Rude Boy (Chew Fu Transition).mp3

Club Headliners - Solo & Forth.mp3

Club Headliners - Sweetest Thing (ReDrum).mp3

Club Headliners - Tik Tok Dreams.mp3


Colby O'donis Ft. Akon Vs. Bass Kleph - What U Got Electro Rmx (Rock-It! Scientists Edit).mp3

Coldplay - Viva La Vida (Discotech Remix).mp3

Corey Jasper - All_Because.mp3

Corey Jasper - Big_Summer_Shout.mp3

Corey Jasper - Black Lolli.mp3

Corey Jasper - Built_This_Shuffle.mp3

Corey Jasper - Feel_The_Flirt.mp3

Corey Jasper - Snoop Dog f Kid Cudi & Biggie Smalls-That Tree Remix.mp3

Crank That (Clean-Gotta Get Thru This).mp3






Damianito DJ - Rude _ Lovely Girl Remix ( 87.00 Bpm ).mp3

Daniel Merriweather - Change (Feat. Wale) (Gigamesh Remix).mp3

Danity Kane- Showstopper (DJ Fabian Broadway Mix).mp3

Dave Darrel - Children Vs Ian Carey - Get Shaky (Audiomash Bootleg).mp3

David Guetta - Sexy Bitch Vs Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling (Audiomash Bootleg).mp3

David Guetta - Sexy Bitch Vs Do You Want It Right Now (Audiomash Bootleg).mp3

David Guetta - Sexy Bitch Vs LMFAO - Miami Bitch (Audiomash Bootleg).mp3

David Guetta - When Loves Takes Over Vs Soulsearcher - Can't Get Enough (Audiomash Bootleg).mp3

David S - Find Your Love (House Mx).mp3




Dead_Or_Alive(Murda She Wrote 2010).mp3

DeToto - Hello Good Party (Hype Break).mp3

Dirty Vegas Vs. Rock-It! Scientists - Days Go By (Rock-It! Scientists Thump Hype Remix).mp3

Dirty Vegas Vs. Rock-It! Scientists - Days Go By (Rock-It! Scientists Thump Remix).mp3

Discotech - 9 To 5 Country Boy.mp3

Discotech - Ass Fuckin' Hoes [Extended Chant Mix].mp3

Discotech - Ass Fuckin' Hoes [short Mix].mp3

Discotech - Bam Bam [Drums].mp3

Discotech - Blister In The Sun (808 No Drops).mp3

Discotech - Bring The 80's Back.mp3

Discotech - California Dreamin.mp3

Discotech - Call Me Mr. Big Stuff.mp3

Discotech - Closer (Dirty).mp3

Discotech - Closer.mp3

Discotech - Coolie To House (Clean).mp3

Discotech - Coolie To House (Dirty).mp3

Discotech - Dancing Machine (With Drums).mp3

Discotech - Energy (Drums Rework).mp3

Discotech - Explosion Burst Bomb (Party Break).mp3

Discotech - Foxy Lady.mp3

Discotech - Give It To Rick.mp3

Discotech - Heat.mp3

Discotech - Horns.mp3

Discotech - I Just Wanna Whole Lotta Love.mp3

Discotech - I Wanna Hold Your Hand.mp3

Discotech - It Takes Tim.mp3

Discotech - Knockin Beastie Boots.mp3

Discotech - Knockin Biggie Boots.mp3

Discotech - Knockin Boots (Discotech Rework).mp3

Discotech - Kristen's Monkey.mp3

Discotech - Loungin Superstar.mp3

Discotech - Money To Blow (Discotech Remix Slow Inout Clean).mp3

Discotech - More Than A Feeling (Break).mp3

Discotech - Mother.mp3

Discotech - Pass The Dutchie [83 Bpm Hard Mix].mp3

Discotech - Rock Star In Black.mp3

Discotech - Run This Town (Discotech Remix).mp3

Discotech - Say It Aint So (Discotech Remix).mp3

Discotech - Sensual Lady.mp3

Discotech - Sexyladyback Transition [93-117 Bpm].mp3

Discotech - Smokin Is The Way I Live.mp3

Discotech - Snap Me Better.mp3

Discotech - Spider Monkey.mp3

Discotech - Superstar Books.mp3

Discotech - Superstar Clip.mp3

Discotech - Superstitious [With Drums].mp3

Discotech - Tambourine (Break).mp3

Discotech - The Billie Bounce [115-133 Bpm].mp3

Discotech - The Sweet Escape (Break).mp3

Discotech - The Way Shawty Moves.mp3

Discotech - Twice As Glamorous.mp3

Discotech - Umbrella Transition [130-87 Bpm].mp3

Discotech - Way I Are Transition (100-115 Bpm).mp3

Discotech - Wicked Hill.mp3

Discotech - Won't Get Fooled Again (Gigamesh Remix).mp3

Discotech - Workout Plan Break.mp3

Discotech - Ymcbmore.mp3

Discotech - Your Love [bass Mix].mp3

Discotech Vs Foo Fighters - Everlong (Discotech Remix).mp3

Discotech Vs M.I.A. - Boyz (Discotech & Strangelove Remix).mp3

Discotech Vs T.I. - Whatever You Like (Discotech Remix).mp3

Discotech Vs The Clash - Train In Vain [Discotech Remix].mp3

DJ 360 - Goin' Back to Cali Gurls.mp3

DJ A.D. - Bottles In The Air (Latin House Rmx).mp3

DJ A.D. - La La La [Vocal House RMX].mp3

DJ A.D. - No Limit Electro [Pump Ya Fist! Ladies Rmx] V2.mp3

DJ A.D. - Raise Ya Hands Up [Vocal House RMX].mp3

DJ Adrian V - De Breakz.mp3

Dj Adrian V - Latinos In Da House.mp3

DJ BeatBreaker & Club Headliners - BedRock (Bassed Out Mix) (Quick Hitter).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Britney's Circus Bitch (Fatman Scoop & Dj Kool).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Celular (Destination Calabria).mp3

DJ BeatBreaker - Club Hits Ready To Go (Mixtape).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Discoteka Back Once Again.mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Dj Beatbreaker - Be Faithful This Way.mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Dj Pump This Party (Electro Personal Bootleg).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Drake Is Going Down.mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Drinks Up For Detroit (Segway) (Clean).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Evacuate The Dancefloor (Fatman Scoop Intro).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Fugees Anthem (Epic Rework).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Get Low Low (Electro Style).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Get The Fuck Up (Personal Electro Bootleg).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - House Music On The Floor.mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Kiss Kiss Vs Let It Go (House Mix).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Kiss Me Thru The Phone (Electro Mix) (Full).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Kiss Me Thru The Phone (Electro Mix) (Short).mp3

DJ BeatBreaker - Leave The World Behind (Exclusive Electro Banger).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Let Me See You Bounce (Tribal Edit).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Lethal Industry (Horns Rework).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Lets Go Now (Electro Style) (Ft. Smooth City Hustle).mp3

Dj BeatBreaker - Make That Beat Funky (Bootleg Rework).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - No Te Veo My Boriqua Party Break.mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Outer Space (Electro Refix).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Patron Transition (128-82 Bpm)(Clean).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Patron Transition (128-82 Bpm)(Dirty).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Pitbull On 75Th Brazil Street (Club Cut Rework).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Push It Vs Show Me Love.mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Push Itshow Me Love.mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Put Ur Drinks Up (Electro Style).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Put Your Drinks Up (Hype Rework) (Clean).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Right Round Anthem (Calabria Blend).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Riverside Shots (Club Rocker Remix).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Scoop Breaks Electro Down.mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - So Fine (Tribal Mix) (Ft. Pat C).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - The Anthem's Party Break.mp3

Dj Beatbreaker - Wonderwall Transition (90-130 Bpm).mp3

Dj Beatbreaker Ft. Dj Punzo - Be Like That Dj Tool.mp3

Dj Beatbreaker Ft. Joey B - Electro Paradise City Tran (130-95-130).mp3
















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Crooklyn Clan Package (7 Gb ) thanks for the big post but, i hate ul. uploader its slow... people on this site need to use mediafire.com its free to use way way faster.... and the way u uploaded this i downloaded 4 files and its ask for 5 so im thinking u uploaded all 7gb of music.. i dont know any dj who as that much space on there laptop just saying...
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i feel that i got 10 out of the 14 downloaded... so we will see what happen tonight as far as the music that really in the files.. i wish people would use mediafire.com its free and this way we can download all of them at once not.. take a week.. to get what we hope is good stuff just saying but, dont get me wrong good post

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great post/thanks carlos/ seriously this pack took me 5 days to download, lolol. mediafire and sharebase.to are the best to use.

NOTE: at some point while unzipping, it may break and not complete. FOR MAC USERS: download the program UnRARx from download.com and it will extract the files completely without breaking.

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Everybody pay the $40 for the 6 month subscription to upload.to like I did and you're fine. How can everyone be cheap enough to not want to spend $40 over a 6 month period but will go on CC.net and blow $200 in one night.........mathematics people!

Thanks Carlos!

Nop bro enjoy it

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