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KC Jockey - Single 4 One Night

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His cool is undeniable; it evokes a calm and settled speech. His charm is contagious; it fills an otherwise bleak room with joy. He alleviates unwanted tension and his spirit simply put, is godly. He is truly a gift born from unceremonious circumstances. He combines the musical crossover success of Sean Paul, Shaggy and recent pop breakthrough Sean Kingston, while consistently delivering his own signature call and response that devout fans pine for. Even deeper, he incorporates the storytelling elements of R&B King R. Kelly and has been likened to a masculine adaptation of hip-hop soul Princess Keyshia Cole. Royalty aside though, he is the determined international pop wunderkind, KC Jockey.

KC Jockey's musical dexterity is second to none, which is in part how he came to be artistically. His capacity to attune his vocal delivery to any beat, in any genre, has indefinitely catapulted his star and naturally birthed success abroad. His forthcoming album (untitled as yet), sparked by the Kenny "Smoov" Kornegay produced "Rub Your Body," is a testament to his proverbial skills and indefinable style. A fresh, unique blend of honesty and reflection, "Rub Your Body," hits a nerve and doesn't stop tingling until the very last bar.

"When they classify me as a reggae/dancehall artist, it's cool, 'cause that's my people and that's my culture; but I am more of an international artist," he explains. "I got so much international stuff within me. I'm more than just that."

Previously, KC Jockey proved it by churning out chart topping installments that made noise in the states and abroad. "SHAKE," an explosive collaboration finds KC Jockey pairing with pop sensation Santalina. The contagious track earned over 200,000 myspace plays and the equally sexy video found its way to BET.com. Moreover, it was played in 40 European countries in over 120 million homes in a single month.

More recently, "Runway Bounce," was the subject of six internationally recognized record pools, toppling the UK Reggae Charts multiple times, as did "Talk of the Town." Additionally, "Runway Bounce" reached No. 9 on the Yacast France Charts.

The bouncy "Don't Go Baby," which is shaping up as a second single from KC Jockey's imminent offering, is a classic message that transcends all races and genres. The chorus finds KC pleading for forgiveness and begging further throughout. "That's about a girl that's literally fed up and can't take no more," he offers. "Like men always do, you got something at home that's fantastic, a ride or die chick… You go outside, see something that's nice and you're right at it."

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, KC Jockey moved to New York prior to junior high school to live with his parents. As a child of Brooklyn, he found reason to side with both the positive and negative energies of the most populous city in America. From music to hustling and everything in between, he divided his time so as to fit in all of life's luxuries, good and bad. The negative side of KC's hustle came to an abrupt end when his mother passed away in a car accident in 1997. "After I brought her back to the United States to bury her, I started looking at life way, way different," says KC.

Knowing his mother wanted to see him do some good with his talent and realize his lifelong dream of music, KC committed himself to the studio, sometimes 18 hours a day. "The main thing I keep in front of me is my kids and my mother," he says. "If I keep them in front of me, I'm able to do positive stuff. I'd rather lose that way than any other way."

In 2000, KC Jockey made his dreams and his mother's wishes official when he established his own independent record label. Fittingly, he named it Sweet Sadie's Production, in her honor. Attached to a four year contract with VP Records, the first single KC dropped under his new umbrella – where he currently acts as CEO, rapper, actor and producer – was "Step To Me."

"Diggy Diggy," ironically the song that instigated the KC Jockey/VP Records' marriage, was arguably one of his most successful, spending a year and a half on BET's now defunct "Uncut." He continued the course of cutting hi-definition videos, in time surfacing as the first independent reggae/dancehall artist to break into the market with such fury. At the height of his promotional/video assault, KC Jockey erected a full size billboard on the streets of Kingston and in turn, arranged for one half of the coinciding video to be filmed there… even in his absence!

However, KC Jockey has endured a long legal battle to obtain his naturalization as an American citizen due to his past mistakes. "November 4, 2008 was not only the biggest day in American history, its was the biggest day in my career. I'm promoting my new record "Rub Your Body", my new video is finalize, I just completed an amazing photoshoot and now after fifteen years, I have finally received my passport. God really has his hands on my career." states Jockey. KC Jockey is currently looking forward to visit his birthplace Jamaica in a few weeks to promote his new single "Rub Your Body", and to visit his Jamaican fans who will finally meet him in person after seeing him in videos and billboards across the country.

Lastly, with an assortment of film credits to boast over the past two years, blockbusters I Am Legend and American Gangster included, KC Jockey is on the verge of becoming a household name. More recently, he starred in the soon to be released independent movie, What Goes Around and an online film depiction entitled, Where The Girls At and EGO starring Eve. KC Jockey's debut album is set for a early 2009 release. The very definition of a "star," KC Jockey's lifelong journey is literally the stuff dreams are made of.

KC Jockey is now poised and ready for the world in 2009!

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Guest stedybeets

big fan of "dance hall" , raggae, ska etc... but this one... lyrics need work..got potential though...

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