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New Hip Hop Music (C.KhiD) OFFICIAL POST - free Downloads

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DJ's , if you need a song, e-mail Clinks@CKHID.com or R@CKHID.com to get music by request. We also do Drops for DJ's on request.

Call 212.400.0698 for additional information or business

Fans, please continue to support and download on iTunes!


the official C.KhiD store http://store.CKHID.com is also good for those looking to download C.khiD music

new Hip Hop Songs: C.khiD - Learning the Game Music Video

Check out the new music video from C.KhID / me. I'm dong some promo runs on forums I used to browse on-line> Good to see Jee Juh still going.

Over 200,000 views to my last video, "I Want This World" and almost 80,000 to "Cash on Deck".. Both are below. Thanks for support everyone!

Vote 5 stars on all the videos if you care to support a brotha who's real + got lyrics.

It's not everyday somebody gets a chance like I'm having and I'm proving that somebody, just like you, can really do something major.

holla at me on www.CKHID.com

subscribe to my youtube:

YouTube - ckhid's Channel

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Download the new C.KhiD mixtape "Black Box Dreams 3"

free download until August 21, 2010 Download C KhiD Music | Buy C.KhiD Album| Official C.KhiD Store

after that, find the new album on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/c-khid/id341000069

Thanks to everyone supporting the CKHID movement. A lot of love for that and please reach out to let us know.

This will be featured in August 10th issue of XXL magazine. 13th anniversary! LETS GO!:cool:


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