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Exclusive - Da Commission : Shljaka & Flow (promo) 2009

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Da Commission

A european hip hop group situated in Europe, the balkans to be more specific. Da Commission is composed of two twin brothers who go by the alias's I.D. & Mon$taa Mic. The two rap in english and have been getting some more exposure through out the region and are planning to put out three tapes. Being born overseas is the reason DC can flow so good in english and bring that real hip hop sound that has been missing. DC still believe in giving heads straight bars and delivering an experience while trying to show the major public that european hip hop can still go line for line against US artists. The boys have been getting published and promoted in Croatia and will be releasing material in the near future. Right now they are just trying to get some feedback and build an online fan base.

What they are looking for?

Da Commission are looking for feedback, advice and suggestions from the DJ community. The group would love any exposure online and are willing to work with any serious hip hop grinders. If you are a mixtape DJ and need to fill a slot, throw in one of there tracks and they'll return the love by fronting it on their myspace and dropping it on some of their blogs. If you are a producer and want a beat ripped for your upcoming tape or simply need a featuring, get at ya boys. Da Commission are the new wave of urban music coming out of Europe and will eventually bridge the gap for hip hop consumers and create a new market allowing mobility for future artists trying to get heard in Europe.

Da Commission: Shljaka & Flow 2009 (promo)


Shljaka & Flow COVER (tracklist)

shljaka_and_flow_cover copy.jpg

MYSPACE: Da Commission on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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