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Whats Up GreenHitz,

BigSlab's in da building, loving the site ready to network with everybody.

Big Slab:

Club DJ



Get @ me we ready to work



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Wuz really good? I am a member of Balkan Inc. and am currently just trying to build an awareness for our first group : Da Commission. These guys got that fire and we are interested in feedback, advice, suggestions, collabos, placement...basically anything is appreciated. But firstly we want to know what YOU, the DJs and fellow grinders think of our product.

thank u, holla back

Da Commission: Shljaka & Flow (promo)

promo download: SHLJAKA & FLOW PROMO.rar

cover:shljaka_and_flow_cover copy.jpg

clanak o nama u Slobodnoj: Da Comission: Mi smo najve?a stvar koja se dogodila Hrvatskoj od pobjede Vatrenih '98. (VIDEO) > Slobodna Dalmacija > Spektakli

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Wuz good Toppa Top :) U up in T-Dot, I got some homies up in Scarborough and they tell me that Canada is the jump off. I'm aware of some of the Canadian artists but are always looking for new cats to work with and establish rapport with.

I'm gone leave the linx to our first group, Da Commission. Their Croatian but rap in english, and NO they arent as bad as SIN lol. They got bars for days and their own style t

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Yo wassup! I will play some of your tunes on my internet radio station (xfs.youstream.fm) and get some feedback for you. Also send me acapellas and I will remix for you. I am currently building a page on my website (www.djversionz.com) featuring new artists and will post some of your work on there. Keep up the good work!

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Thnx for the support mate, mad appreciated :) We will be sure to send u some acappellas when the new joints are done so u can remix em :) Any and all promotion is welcome.

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Guest Genocide_General

Hello My Name Is Geno. I Love Music, I DJ from Time To Time, I Also Make Flyers. Im Lovin This Site So Far. Keep up The Good Work.

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Sup Sam, aite I'll send u this hot promo for this new hot act I've been promoting. They got barz for dayz and really have an authentic sound and delivery. U gone get buzzed on this, there's three singles included in the promo. Be sure to hit me back with some feedback once u've heard it, and put it out to some friends.

PROMO COVER: shljaka_and_flow_cover copy.jpg



Da Commission on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


Da Commission - Official Artist Page on iLike - free music, pictures, videos



Thanks once again, is truly appreciated

Marko Balkan (Balkan-Inc. Promoter)

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Guest briant20011

I'm Brian, won't add my DJ name just yet, anyways, anybody looking for some xposure, my mans (no homo) down in Atlanta runs a magzine company called Hot Block Magazine, they have therey on site on Ning so check them out. He's the CEO so if you need anything let me know

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