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Intro Ta Green Hitz Fam....

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Wasss up world ?? DJ's,Producers,Music Lovers,Record Breakers n whoever else is on here enjoying music and getting things poppin or gettin people heard.I go by Young Cuba...aka Cisco ...(I didnt pick em either)....My love goes back for music since prob when I was in the belly of mamma dukes ...My Pops side of the fam had alot ta do wit music Most my uncs play instruments n a few sing ....Old skool Latino n some covers wat some of em doing these days on the side.But I said "intro ta green hitz fam" because I know how Music is from the beginin till its gets into the hands of the DJ n its spun in the nite club or whatever venue.I my self am a producer/engineer/dj/musican(playd concert/marchd alto sax,baritone sax,tuba,Sousaphone)/have vocal knowledge/compose/write lyrics(from time to time,vibes mos def have to be there)/concept mumbling(if you understand that cool,if not try it sometime it helps,lol:D)...Im not braggin or wantin to have anyone interpet me as showin out or puttin on...I was told ta introduce mah self ta the community so I'm given out mah energy in text.Wat I do when its grind mode is get thing surroundin music n networkin done,If it means ustreaming a studio session for mah people Im on that textin people send out updates n just gettin at people ta get in to chill n see how things kinda go down to makin changes to levels to a concept I have or trackin it out...Gettin in some time on my mixes for the club or for Just ne thing music Graphix...makin the digicrate nice n blah blah blah ...look I could prob keep goin just because this is me MUSIC ....je dig ?? soo if your wanna hit me im on twitter @beatsbycisco or www.myspace.com/reaihiphop

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