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Creating an image is one task a star must do but, Creating a brand is completely stellar. Music merch and much more via www.leoliennod.com 

(N.A.A.L)New Attitude About Life playlist via AppleMusic 

N.A.A.L = New Attitude About Life - which is a coming of age period for me. I started out small; basic knowledge of music and it's effect on the world... Music in it's essence orders and commands hence the phrase to the beat of the drum ?.  Wars Love stories and work ?? -- all done all by some sort of sound track. My life has been this crazy journey. Were as one would have it be -- to the beat of my drum. What I discovered is that music is never complete. If you understand the concept -- remixes different versions and rendition by cover artist. Or simply changing the tone of an original work is what makes it new to the ear and as one has learned art is definitely in the eye of the holder. Three songs that are being heard now are just the beginning of my playlist via AppleMusic. This N.A.A.L is intended to be a incomplete work. So, the focus is to keep updating the playlist and my recording quality.


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