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On March 9 2021 in honor of women’s history month #SLUGNTHEMAGAZINE Presents a Dynamic trio of young aspiring musicians such as DJ Montana and Cashmere and female producer Vicki Selekh. This unique moment in history could only manifest a single such as “Give it to me” This reggae/reggaeton track is filled with excitement, passion and amazing production. for more info visit www.iamslugn.com


instagram: @slugnthemagazine

email: info@slugnthemagazine

apple music download: https://music.apple.com/hn/album/give-it-to-me-single-feat-spillz-the-one-single/1556851620


Give it to me album cover.jpg

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8 hours ago, LUVD said:

Like the vibe

that means alot, we are actively campaigning please send the company any promos or shout outs to post on the website

5 hours ago, dj murdock said:

Nice Floor Track, Ill Spin This In The Reggae Mix

thanks dj murdock, respect.

3 hours ago, Outlaw Mighty Me said:

hip shaking music

yes it is.. thank you outlaw mighty me, 

we are actively campaigning please send the company any promos or shout outs to post on the website


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Thanks @Djpriminista 

great track you sent, thanks @El Reggaeton No Ha Muerto

@DeejayLaw24 respect 

thanks everyone rate us 5 stars, lets get on the billboard charts together. We are taking the world by storm. Check our friends in Africa 


Join Our social media Campaign 




1 million video streams




Over 90k views on youtube, add to your playlist!!



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