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Todd Barrow Music

Todd Barrow - Countrys Just Cooler (Tanner Landry)

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      Texas country artist heating up the airwaves!!!
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      This is original trailer soundtrack from fallout 76. I decided to sing the song and play the music and vocals in the background through OBS Studio. Anyways, I love the music industry, I have been on YouTube for a very long time, starting with my oldest gaming YouTube Channel, then to this one I linked here, my current one with 100+ subscribers. Then I have another one for gaming, which is was suppose to be Dayz related. I play Dayz, the video game, survival horror game through steam. I sadly don't have it on xbox one or playstation 4 yet, but, I hope to get it for the consoles extremely soon. Although this does have copyright in it, but, I made a dispute and hopefully, It will get disputed as fair use, and hopefully they will allow me to use this music as a source of revenue and ad revenue, by putting ads on my video, takes 30 days or less to get a response, sadly, it does take some time, but, its worth the wait, got to check on my email every so often. Thank you guys for the ongoing support and for watching and listening to my content I create, I have been in the music industry for a very long time, I used to be able to do the Elvis Presley voice impression, sang extremely well, now I am out of practice and trying to get back into music, and slowly but surely, I will get into it one day. Thank you for your support and keep sticking with me for many years and months to come. I hope to reach 1,000+ subscribers on YouTube one of these years/days/months. 
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