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JC - Suicide Cover

Digital Platform Link: https://smarturl.it/jcsuicide 

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Singer-songwriter, JC, wrote this song as what he calls his "contribution to the Black Lives Matter movement." He uses the term Suicide as a deep metaphor for an even deeper issue. This wasn't a planned released, but rather an act of responsibility & accountability, with the overall message being LOVE. The video features and was proudly endorsed by his parents; and it features clips from years of injustice towards African Americans. We need you to use your platform to SHARE THIS. This isn't about Money....it's about relaying a Message! ✊🏾

JC - Video Thumbnail

Contact: n2pmuzik@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsyaboyjc 

Website: www.itsyaboyjc.com

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14 minutes ago, dj murdock said:

Strong Track, This Has Alot Of Meaning 

14 minutes ago, dj murdock said:

Strong Track, This Has Alot Of Meaning 


14 minutes ago, dj murdock said:

Strong Track, This Has Alot Of Meaning 

Thank you bro!

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Thank you bro! Plz share ✊🏽

5 hours ago, DjSmooth66 said:

positivism is what we need rt now 

Amen...Thx bro!🙏🏽

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Not bad... got a good flow to it and good composition. I can work with it in the mix ...Chea )) Thanks!

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