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Azriel Clary Destroys Jacket She Claims Belonged to R.Kelly

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Azriel Clary is beginning to be very transparent regarding her healing journey following her toxic relationship with singer R.Kelly. On Thursday Clary cut up a jacket that she alleges belonged to the singer.

In the Instagram live video, Clary shares that she is happy and healing. “You can’t be mad at me because I’m healing, and I’m healing amazingly and I’m happy that I’m healing,” Clary said in response to a comment on live. “Dont f*ck with me. Let me be happy. Let me live my life.”

Clary also stated that people need to realize that it was a man that abused her, not materialistic things. “Clothes were not manipulating me. A man was, the man who was supplying everything,” Clary stated. “You sound stupid. You sound very, very stupid supporting someone whom you now know of abusing people. How degrading can you be?” she said in response to a comment on the live stream.

R.Kelly allegedly met Clary when she was just 17 years old, the two were in a relationship of five years. Clary states that she will be sharing her experiences with Kelly in a tell-all for her supporters. “In my 5 years of being with him I will talk about everything that has happened in those 5 years. I will talk about everybody, to manipulation, to our everyday routine, to our lives, to our houses, studio, everything. I will tell you guys everything. I will tell you guys how he thought, how he maneuvered, how he was manipulative and you guys will start to see on your own as I start to tell the story the depths of lies. The depth he would go to, to make a lie believable.”

R.Kelly is currently behind bars awaiting a trial.

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