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Joe Budden Defends Kevin Hart Cheating Comments Against ‘The Real’

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A lot of conversation has been surrounding Kevin Hart’s Netflix documentary, Don’t F This Up, since its release on December 26th. The docu-series gives fans a closer look at what happened during the comedian’s cheating scandal and the controversy surrounding his choice to not host the Oscars.

Recently, the ladies of The Real sat down to talk about comments made by Joe Budden after sharing that he understands the choices of Kevin Hart behind the cheating scandal. On an episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Joe says, “Sometimes your not home but 10 seconds in the day, for however many days, and I as a man can understand how that can be difficult.” Whelp, that wasn’t a good enough reason for the ladies of The Real because they wasted no time in sharing their opinions on the “Pump It Up” rapper’s thoughts.

“I think it’s hysterical, just the part of him saying ‘You know how hard he works? Does the working affect his integrity, his moral standing, his moral compass? I don’t think it does,” says a laughing Adrienne Bailon-Houghton after being asked how she felt about Budden’s comments regarding the situation.

In the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Joe responds to the comments that the ladies made on the show and chose to clarify his words by saying “The art of understanding is not the same as condoning or agreeing,” Joe began. “I get that some people in the world don’t know what words mean. But by the context of the English language, we don’t need a big debate about this. Understanding something is not co-signing it, condoning something, or agreeing with something. That’s not something Joe made up.”

To end his comments on the matter, Joe concludes, “So no, it is not okay to cheat. It is not okay for Kevin Hart to cheat. Ladies of The Real, that was never said here, and I hate when we’re just presented a certain way when we’re in this new age of just clip floatin’ so we only go by the clip. I said a whole lot more than what was displayed here. We do not condone cheating, however, I’m not part of the society that is looking to kill actually understanding human behavior and psychology.”

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