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[WATCH] Ukrainian Flight 752 Video Shows Plane Shot Down by Iranian Missile

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In a report that was confirmed by The New York Times, a video has surfaced that shows a Ukranian plane being shot down by an Iranian missile.

The 752 plane was shot down near the Tehran, Iran airport, where it stopped transmitting. The plane didn’t explode in the air when the missile hit it, but instead kept flying and turned back to the airport. caught fire and eventually exploded and crashed.

The aircraft crashed near Sabashahr, located on Tehran outskirts. The aircraft had 167 passengers and nine crew members on board, all of whom were killed in the accident.

CBS News is reporting that U.S. officials are now “confident” that Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 was “shot down by Iran.”

Newsweek reported that its sources were “a Pentagon official, a senior U.S. intelligence official and an Iraqi intelligence official.” They were not named but told Newsweek that Iran likely shot the plane down, with 176 souls onboard, by “mistake.” CBS also that “missile components were found near the crash site.”

You can see a complete passenger list of the 176 people who died on the doomed aircraft here. They included 63 Canadians, 3 British citizens, and 82 Iranians. Some of the passengers were small children.

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