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Lil Boosie Plays Himself Wearing Kappa Alpha Psi Para – NUPES GO WILD

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Three days after their Founders Day #J5 and the members of Kappa Alpha Psi get disrespected in the most public-worst way and all they can do is tweet about the perp!

We know them boys fly but why in the world would you do it to yourself? It is one thing to be Chris Brown, just paying a little homage to the pretty boys, but why would you rock like the whole gear. Lil Boosie, while checking out a basketball game in Florida, shifted the attention from how fresh to death he was to how socially ignorant he is to all this Black Greek stuff.

Bruh… Red with all them Diamonds? You had to know.

Moving too fast, huh? Check this out.

Yo! Yo! Now you see what we are talking about. Straight violation.


Kappas took no time to jump on the gram and let him know that son ain’t cross no burning sands… son ain’t never spin no cane.

That famous white Nupe, Sam Whiteout jump in and was like… “chill…. (shimmy shimmy shimmy).


The cannabis activist, Mary Pryor knew the time… like “son… haven’t you performed at a homecoming?”


Infamous Hip-Hop dad and member of Alpha Phi Alpha Cornell Conaway (also known as Chico Solo the guy with the dope daughter) just could not stop laughing at them mirror shimmy dancing 14ers.


But as you can see, J Prince Jr. jumped in like “yo… you looking right!!!!”

Poor thing… he doesn’t know. But right there ready to educate him is a Nupe that could not help but check Boosie… despite his celebrity status.


All jokes aside… Lil Boosie didn’t mean any disrespect. He simply thought that crimson and cream was fire (crimson and cream is always fire) and wanted to rock it. He actually thought that the Kappas all would appreciate him showing love and never intended to disrespect the second oldest Black Greek letter fraternity in the world. Let’s face it… Kappas do like when people show them love. Here is apology:

And just that quick… he got his changed his clothes and got himself right… I mean… who wants the Kappas after them.

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First this week, Ralph Lauren tried to play the Sigmas… now Boosie with the Kappas, Sorority Month is starting off with a blast… Bet them Ques are up next!

Countdown to #J13

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