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Ja Rule is Fed Up With Everyone Mentioning Him with Fyre Festival

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Ja Rule is fed up with people who keep blaming him for the disastrous scam music festival better known as Fyre Festival.  

After being asked a question on Twitter regarding pay for the local workers, Ja went off in a tangent saying that if he went down for the festival and Billy Mcfarland, the leader of the scam fest was cleared then we still would not be talking about it.

“All of y’all that won’t let the Fyre shit go I have one question, If I was the one who was doing 6 years in prison for fraud and Billy was cleared of any wrongdoing, would y’all be saying the white guy us guilty still?,” Ja Rule said. “I highly doubt it… it be your own people I swear.”

As we previously reported, Ja Rule’s lawyer told All Hip Hop that this proves “nothing short of a total vindication” for his client. “In July, the Court dismissed all Fyre Festival claims against Mr. Atkins,” Smith said. “After this loss, plaintiffs’ law firm Geragos & Geragos appealed that decision. Today, the Court denied their appeal. This ruling is nothing short of a total vindication of Mr. Atkins.”

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