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New Year - Positive start!!


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@djhayze20 - Interesting you put up this thread at end of they the year and then turn around and be hypocritical/ critical of @DJ Air Alert post today. The man took time out to his busy schedule to  share some really good music with all of us here during a tough time period (Covid 19). Why not extend him the courtesy of  a PM/DM? Are you going to pick up the slack if he's stops posting because you tried to shame him?

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@DJEMAC - Not interested in anything you have to say. YOUR UPLOADING SOME MUSIC is the only thing you can tell me . You've hit a lot of my links and haven's shared as much as an mp3. Bottom line....If you get music, you give music back here

@allowishus - Your a joke to.  As of 3 June 2020 and you  still ain't shared as much as an mp3, but like the rest of the greedy leeches you come with you hands raised looking for music

@djhayze20 - Your still an on going joke. Mr. Take, Take, Take. Keep crying on Separate Threads when you get called out on your b.s 

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