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Stone Cold Killers Get 90 and 65 Year Sentences For Murdering 9-Year-Old Tyshawn Lee in Revenge Plot Against His Father

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Tyshawn Lee never got to get to middle school. At 9 years old, he could barely cross the street alone, never celebrated a double-digit birthday or experience what it would be like to fall in love. Why? Because two spineless cowards sought a revenge murder to spite his brother in 2015 and snatched his pre-teen life in the most disrespectful way.

Crumbled up in a Chicago alley, his lifeless body was the target of two gang bangers. They have now been convicted and will receive prison terms for their crimes.

Background on the article may blow your mind.

Dwright Doty and Corey Morgan allegedly were/are members of the street gang, Black P. Stone Nation’s Bang Bang Gang, or BBGs. This Chicago gang were/are rivals to the Gangster Disciples Killa Ward group. Pierre Stokes, the father of Tyshawn is reportedly a member of Killa Ward.

The two teams came to beef over the belief that Stokes killed Morgan’s brother and hurt his mom in October 2015.

According to CNN, 22-year-old Dwright Doty got a first-degree murder for (again cowardly) tricking Tyshawn to follow him from the park he was playing in, to follow him into an alley and then busting off point-blank on him. The grown man banged on him and shot him in the head. The Cook County State’s Attorney noted that Doty will now receive a 90-year prison sentence and three years of supervision.

Corey Morgan, a man over three times over the age of the victim, is said by prosecutors to have ordered the hit. Morgan believed that Tyshawn’s dad was responsible for popping his brother. No one will know. But what is now known… Morgan will serve as 65 sentence (and three years of supervision) for his part in this crime.

Both convictions for this horrible execution of a defenseless minor have no “no chance for parole.”

They were not the only hood dudes connected to the case.

Three months ago, Kevin Edwards pled guilty receiving lesser sentences of 25 years. Four months before that, Anthony (another one of Morgan’s brothers) was knocked and will serve four years for buying the gun used to assassinate Tyshawn.

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