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Obie Trice Drops Second Nick Cannon Diss ‘Spanky Hayes 2’

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Obie Trice does it twice.

One week after dropping “Spanky Hayes,” Eminem’s Shady affiliate unleashes his second diss track aimed at Nick Cannon. This time around, the Detroit rapper gets personal while attacking Nick’s mother.

“You’s a thespian first / Beth Gardner gave your bitch ass birth / What is wrong with her? / Who put the worm in her? / Who bust sperm in her? / Beth shoulda murdered ya,” raps Obie. “You’s a rich ni**a, stay in your lane / Don’t let this beef shit interfere with your fame.”

He also threatens to come to California and get violent on Nick, who has compared Em to a slave master. “Fathom to fuck with Mathers? / Or sabotage the video he’s shooting with Joey Crack,” he continues. “I’m comin’ to California with me and a bunch of crackers and they gon’ ask, ‘Who is that ni**a up on that nag?’ / And this ain’t about slave masters or nothing that’s white and black / If you fuckin’ over my family, I’m puttin’ you all in caskets.”

Near the end of the track, he addresses Suge Knight, who dissed Em on Nick’s “The Invitation.” “You in that bitch eating too many trays,” he says of the incarcerated Death Row mogul before telling Nick: “Ni**a ain’t nowhere near Tupac.”

50 Cent has also come to Eminem’s defense in the wake of his reignited feud with Nick, saying “nobody cares” about Nick’s diss tracks.

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