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Gotaflika - Modern Girl @gotaflika

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Samuel Wellington Asamoah Kofi - aka - GOTAFLIKA (GOTA) was born in Kokoso, Ghana on April 17, 1986 and always knew he was destined for greatness. Known to his friends as ‘Wellington’ his stage name literally means 'Go-To-Africa' but it encompasses a life filled with dreams, aspirations, determination and triumph.

Gotaflika is a name created to represent the story of a migrant African, a name that tells a thousand stories of hardship, challenges and hope. Gota says, ‘Every time I say it or hear it, it reminds me that no matter how well-known I become, it is my responsibility to help my people by painting an image of hope for Africa on every stage I set foot on, in the words of every song I write and in the hearts of everyone I meet. Growing up, I never had access to electricity or running water until I was ten years old. In my town, we used to see cars once a week if we were lucky and I never rode in one until I had to be rushed to hospital at the age of nine. You touched a car, you got beatings from older family members. They were that precious. My people deserve better.’ 

MODERN GIRL is currently playing on FM, college, internet, and satellite radio stations nationwide.

Review on TUNEDLOUD Magazine: http://www.tunedloud.com/2017/10/08/gotaflika-modern-girl-shines-a-very-unique-sentiment-and-mood/

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