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No Appreciation


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I post links from my personal collection, I do this for all DJ's or whoever needs clean music but no one appreciates it they just click the link and download without liking or leaving a comment. So from on I'm going to put all my links on Private. My post on Def Jam Recordings (Clean) only 3 people responded to it but over 40 people downloaded it without a thanks or nothing.

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I haven't been here in a little bit, but I do remember this being a very common problem for every DJ that shares music here. There are 2 main reasons for this lack of appreciation:


1. There's a reason so many relationships in real life fail... people take everything for granted. No one likes to show appreciation while it's there, but will always bemoan the loss of something. This extends everywhere, including here. It's easy for people to come here, click around, get dozens of new songs, and take for granted the fact it won't always be around forever.


2. That Def Jam recordings album is full of absolute bangers, but from the old school. Lots of DJ's coming here now are only looking for the newest stuff. So I can imagine many of those 40 downloaded it, not sure of what was on there.


I think greenhitz came up with a fantastic solution to this problem, by requiring people to post / comment before they can download something from their posts. I think they should extend that to these private posts as well. Because believe me, there are many of us that greatly appreciate the work many of you guys do , for free and out of love for the music.

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I'm feelin' you D J Kayoz !

as you can see...I've "POSTED" a TON of traks that I've PERSONALLY edited myself on this site !

10 percent may be a trak that came from one of the DJ RECORD pools I belong too that I didn't

edit. Plus I pay membership dues for the PROMO traks I receive.  there are other DJ's who no longer

post on this site for the same reason you mentioned. Keep doin' your thang homie B cuz I respect 

all you do.  Shout out to my homie NinoMiloBrown !


I will post a few traks later this week.    PEACE ! 

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