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D.I.F. & B.O.O.M. - Put It in My Lap @iamdiffy @Guttastarrent

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Dif has many names. You may know him as DIF McSpiff, Damn I'm Fly, Yung D.I.F. or simply Diffy. His real name is Devin Michael Ray. He is from Atlanta, Georgia. Born February 8th 1993. 5'10" 200 lbs. He began rapping in the 5th grade when he creatively remixed How We Do by 50 Cent. He has been rapping ever since. Ray is willing to ghost write and co-write. He founded Gutta Starr Entertainment in 2008 with the help of his friend Kenny Smith. It is now established as a label. He began producing instrumentals in 2010. He has an ear for good sound and can make pretty much anything. He knows how to play the piano and the Electric and Bass Guitar. His style ranges based on ow he is feeling and what is requested. His favorite is the Atlanta/Southern style that is popular all over the U.S. He did his first performance in early 2011 at Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta. Dif has done quite a few since then. He has many influences. To name a few, T.I., Busta Rhymes, 2 Chainz, Gucci, and Young Jeezy. His production influences are Drumma Boy, Dj Junior, Dr. Dre, Will A Fool, Zaytoven, Shawty Red, Lil Lody, Lex Luger and all different types of music and sounds. With a style stemmed from his charismatic and intellectual personality, people can relate to his music from the A to the Bay. Not West Coast or East Coast style, just pure talent that can not be replicated or duplicated by any artist out there. CEO of Gutta Starr Ent, DIF can hold his own in the booth, on the stage, and in the corporate scene. “I grind 24 hours a day, success doesn't come while you sleep.” He also records and engineers at the hottest studio in Atlanta. “Hip hop has lost its meaning and purpose. I want to make quality music that stands the test of time, not just 4 minutes on the dance floor.” True to the game and true to himself, Dif hopes to bring quality back to the music game and make every song a legend. His current single, Tryna Get Out. One thing is for certain, DIF stays 2 steps ahead of the competition and 3 times better then the day before.“ Success isn’t a dream, it’s the fate of my reality. I’ve learned patience is the only way to the top and I never look down. My eyes are always to the sky because I’m headed straight to number one.” Dif is often referred to by many as a “Triple Threat” because of his abilities not only as an artist but as a writer/producer as well. Being a “Triple Threat” at such a young age is definitely going to place him well ahead of the game.

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