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Voice Gogetta - Sun Day (Sexy) @VoiceGogetta

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Some people call what I do rapping, but I beg to differ. The feeling of escaping pain; expressing what’s inside; releasing turmoil; or exhaling joy all the while inhaling recognition cannot be named after a word that only relates to noise. 

I am a lyricist. I create pictures from within using metaphors as the paint and my voice as the canvas. The possibilities of expression are never ending as I press outside the margins for natural reactions to my craft. My intentions hold value even if the audience perceives it in their own personal value. 

I am a performer. What I seem surely isn’t what I am. I use music to release emotions that are difficult to let go of any other way. The ability to capture a moment when I am the center of focus is thrilling. The opportunity to entertain, relate to, and touch the minds of many is overwhelming, yet supporting to the functioning of my reality.

I have no specific genre, Dark, Gothic/Hip Hop/Rock/Spoken Word… I live within them all. They all live within me. Since being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer I have been a force to be reckoned with and I do not plan to stop there. At time I am feeling lonely in a crowded room or I feel that no one understands. I’ve had rough days and I’ve had easy days and in overall music was a part of each day in some major way. To be creative in an expressive manner resides inside my soul and I simply have to have rhythm as some sort of balance to the world. 

I am a survivor, I say what I want, and I speak how I feel. I have supporters and fans that follow closely. They totally get me. 

My music takes no prisoners, and to me, this speaks volumes for my strength as a woman prevailing in such a tough arena!

I Am Voice… The Hallow Queen!

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