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Ram Dogg P - We O.G. @ramdoggp

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RAM DOGG P is a hip hop artist from Amsterdam south east  who has been active in the music industry for years.
RAM DOGG P began as a mc in 1993 and in 1994 he was the co-founder of the rap group AMON.
After 6 succesfull years on national level all the members of the group started their own solo careers.

In 2001 RAM DOGG P build his own home recording studio and in 2002 he decided 
that he wanted to know more a bout the productional side of the music.
The making of his own beats was a result of this.

Over a period of 4 years he developed his own original production style 
and because of that he started his own record lable in 2006 called JUNGLE BOOGY ENTERTAINMENT.

After releasing 2 singles and 1 album he desided to give the leadership to a friend 
who would take care of the further development of the company.

When the transfer was completed he decided to start a nother record lable in 2007 called RDP Records.
That is the record lable he still releases his music on till this day starting in ;

2008   get your money right          single
2009   k-zone is with me             single
2009   walk with the heat            single
2009   who bringin da ill            single 
2009   thats why i husstle baby      single
2009   cold as ice ep                  ep
2009   im from the hood              single
2009   diciplinary punishment        single
2010   i get gwap                    single
2011   baby ill be with you          single 
2012   night of the dogg             single
2013   o.t.r.t.t.m.                  album
2014   black mask                    single
2015   eurolympics                   single
2015   we o.g.                       single

In 2015 he succesfully completed his Audio Engeneering Certificate at
 S.A.E. (school for audio engeneering) and because of that he started working 
on his new album witch is scheduled for release in 2016.

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