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[Audio/Video] E-Reign @EREIGNESM - My Word via @Promovidz

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E-Reign @EREIGNESM - My Word by promomixtapes


You can cue any E-Reign track, and listen to his lyrics and walk away with a lesson learned or a mindful message. His trifecta of 2015 releases, "Gotta' Go," "Serious," and "Need More," not only set him apart, but they have also made him one of the fastest rising artists on the East Coast. Now, in early 2016, E-Reign is taking "My Word" to another level.


"My Word" isn't a "turnt up" tune, yet rather an almost subliminal, down-tempo trip into words that define what life should be about. "Honesty and loyalty used to mean something, not so much nowadays, and we have to realize this and change it back," explains E-Reign. While a great many hip-hop and rap artists set out to "front," composing about cash, clubs and cars, E-Reign always digs deeper.



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