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Unlimited Game Enterprises Presents - Da' Million Dollaa @mouthpiecekv @liquidanthraxxx

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The Classic Album that changed the laws!! Believe it or not Portland has a rich history of the pimp trade and has had its share of coveted pimps. Covered nationally on media outlets it is often a frequent occurrence in the northwest and is probably happening daily without general knowledge. Rap has always been one of those platforms where street trends are commercialized but oftentimes fake vs real is actually happening. When it comes to rap and pimpin a few solid names come to mind but a group coming out of Portland called Pimpin & Panderin took it to a whole new level with their Album “Unlimited Game” which was released in 2003 Independently & Privately on the 'Streets Cross Country', then Re-Released to the 'Public' in 2014.

Pimpin is nothing new when it comes to the rap game as we know but often more used as satire and imagery. Difference with this Portland based group consisting of members, KV Da Million Dollaa Mouthpiece, PlayBoy Day Da' Mayor, Mac Dezie, and Suave P, AKA Liquid Anthraxxx The Pimp is their whole album is talking about nothing but pimping. Macking, sex, prostitution, playing your position, pimping, breaking hoes, hustler, mack daddy, and you get the rest this is pretty much what you envision when you hear the word pimp. Produced by Sporty, DJ Chill, Mad Zagg, C Anthony, and many more.

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IG kv_damilliondollaa



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