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Review: Roosevelt The Titan – I Hate Being High EP

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Words by Rohit Loomba (@Poombster)

It’s rare that I review a project by an artist that I know very little about. Not having ever heard of Roosevelt the Titan before I decided to listen to his EP 9-track EP, I Hate Being HIGH, based on cover art that caught my attention for whatever reason. It wasn’t after having listened to the EP a few times that I learned who Titan was, and I certainly can say I want to know more. IHBH is the first real body of work that Titan is releasing, with only one of its tracks having been released prior to the remainder of the EP. The title isn’t referring to a physical drug-induced high but rather a perfect state of being in which one is always happy, an interesting notion that demonstrates the depth of Titan’s thought that is apparent in his music as well.

Admittedly, I don’t recognize the names of any of the producers on this EP except for Titan who self-produces “Held Hope.” On his own production effort, Titan uses a simple, looping piano melody which he underscores with an effective drum pattern. Elsewhere, the likes of Noah Sims, Glassic, SENDHELP, and Pirooz provide Titan with soundscapes to lyrically navigate. All members of the production crew seem to have had the same vision for the EP, with simplicity being the priority. Just like with “Held Hope” the other tracks on this EP share simple melodies and beats that are not overpowering. That isn’t to say that the production isn’t crisp and on-point, these guys definitely know what they’re doing. The production style perfectly complements Titan, giving his vocals a chance to carry tracks as well. Glassic’s guitar and drum driven “Rebellion” and Noah Sims’ airy synthesizer driven “Bugatti” are production standouts amongst very quality production throughout.

The production doesn’t steal the show. There’s a very balanced coexistence between the production and Roosevelt’s delivery. The West-side emcee would be right at home with Odd Future. His thick, low voice allows for rougher but well-articulated delivery that Roosevelt skillfully alters in cadence. Roosevelt touches on a host of topics throughout the EP and does not focus on one particular subject. “Pilot”, “Bugatti”, and “Bloom” are all particularly worth a listen for Roosevelt’s effort.

Roosevelt is 9 for 9 on this EP. With this being his first release there will certainly be anticipation for his next release. IHBH is not to be slept on. The production and Roosevelt’s bars are both fresh and mesh organically, making this an easy listen not requiring the skip button.


-Rohit Loomba


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