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Watch Chance The Rapper & Kendrick Lamar Perform with Earth, Wind & Fire at Bonnar

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Uhhh just chance n Kendrick on stage w earth wind n fire .. No biggie #bonnaroo2015 pic.twitter.com/0Jkh255pYE

— SZA (@sza) June 13, 2015

So yeah, typical everyday thing at Bonnaroo Festival late last night. Chance The Rapper and Kendrick Lamar freestyling with Earth, Wind and Fire during their set. Yeah, totally normal stuff right here. We missed it. Did you? Well, thankfully we have some footage of this monumental occasion. Can’t wait for some better video to surface, but for now this will suffice. P crazy. 

kendrick lamar and chance the rapper join earth, wind and fire on stage at bonnaroo pic.twitter.com/NXZzGmmg7g — illroots 4 the kids (@illroots) June 13, 2015

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It is good to see Kendrick smiling, despite the horrific acts of child abuse he, his siblings, neighborhood friends, elementary and JHS classmates were exposed to, causing Kendrick to rap about being a depressed adolescent in his 2015 Grammy Award winning performance of ,"I".

In a January 20, 2011 LAWeekly interview Kendrick, born in 1987, the same year songwriter Suzanne Vega wrote a song about child abuse and VICTIM DENIAL that was nominated for a Grammy award, he told the interviewer:

*"Lamar's parents moved from Chicago to Compton in 1984 with all of $500 in their pockets. "My mom's one of 13 [THIRTEEN] siblings, and they all got SIX kids, and till I was 13 everybody was in Compton," he says."*

*"I'm 6 years old, seein' my uncles playing with shotguns, sellin' dope in front of the apartment. My moms and pops never said nothing, 'cause they were young and living wild, too. I got about 15 stories like 'Average Joe.'"*

I grew up enjoying the sounds of Earth, Wind and Fire.

Had EW&F written music that characterized females, aka our moms, sisters, grandmas and daughters, as witches and bhores, as many of today's music performers characterize women, I'm pretty certain I would have thought these guys were troubled human beings, much like I believe many of today's performers are troubled victims of early child abuse that causes them to demean females.

Good to see Kendrick rubbing elbows with peaceful composers and talented musicians who write music that makes a large segment of our human population want to smile, dance, love and respect women.



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