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Kick Class.

All the kings horses and all the ‘Kingsmen’ couldn’t put something like this together again! Forget Mark Millar’s ‘Kick Ass’! The man who made ‘X-Men’ first class again, Matthew Vaughn breaks his foot off in your proverbial posterior with this one. As he gives ‘The Kings Speech’ of British intelligence Colin Firth an elocution lesson in how to spit those marbles out of his mouth and show some real stones, swearing by the comic-book of Chloe Grace-Moretz. Here Vaughn is about to turn the ever likable, don’t judge a book by its chav cover Taron Egerton into his next young star in the maketh of movies. Its not all about Joel! This guy just may be a mega blaster star worthy of playing a young Han Solo in a new ‘Star Wars’ origin story to follow this awakening force. Maybe the unrecognizable cameo here of Mark Hamill had a word. Or maybe Mace Windu and the man who is in everything like a Nick Fury cameo. With a mastermind of a megalomaniac performance, Samuel L. Jackson is the “perthect” villain with only a speech and reality impediment. This film has it all! Even the always solid Mark Strong and the national treasure that is Michael Caine who may be in even more movies than Jackson. What more could you want from an amazing action comedy that throws a flash grenade into the gag reflex laughs and a loose cannon into the knockout fights, as tense and pistol whipping into set-piece shape anything you’d take more seriously? Like a shaken Bond or stirred Bourne as this film takes 007 to a new level of ‘Powers’ parody. Even replacing the old gun barrel view logo and intro with one between the scotch holding legs of a killer henchwoman with some crazy prosthetics on the rocks. I guess you could call them killer heels as Algerian, former Madonna and Michael Jackson dancer and Nike girl Sofia Boutella just does it, dancing her way into Hollywood tonight. The secret of this new service to superhero cinema is out to the Stark and Wayne manor billions! This is even better than what everybody has been saying. Hidden behind the suit and tie of a swanky Saville Row, London store cover that ‘Men In Black’ disguises itself a lair of gadgets that would leave 007′s Q looking for more letters in the alphabet, this is Sherlock Holmes on the strongest opium my dear watchers. From wild church derby’s in Kentucky to good old fashion pub brawls this film does more than just take it outside after one too many. As Egerton inspiringly introduces himself and Firth formidably makes a new acquaintance out of himself, from Merlin to Lancelot these knights throw the round table up and do more than save the queen. This hand? Nothing but kings! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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