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Eddie Black & Victorious The Winner - Eat The Cake

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Two of DMV’s finest hip hop artist Eddie Black and Victorius AKA VXE (Short for “Victory expected everytime”) bring a creative and passion touch to their craft. While Victorius has been writing and producing music since late 90s, Eddie Black’s musical background stemmed from performing at every local talent show possible. Breaking down music barriers and stepping out of the box, these two like to push the envelope by not sticking to just one style of music. Throwing out classic make you think twice hits like “On the blackhand”, a song that speaks the harsh truth of the many struggles African Americans face when it comes to the legal system Eddie Black describes his style of music as the sincere evolution of a man’s emotions, and his lifetime motto will forever be “respect over everything” because it travels to places even money can’t go. Vxe main focus is making it, fans might catch him saying his favorite slogan “welcome to the winners circle there can only be one winner Victorious!" The hustle side of Vxe gives a “win by all mean necessary” persona to his lyrical aftermath, while Eddie Black flows usually include a story with food for thoughts.

The duo is currently working on VXE’s “The Prolic” Album, which will feature verses from Eddie Black. The new album “The Prolic”, the first single “Eat the cake” is anticipated to release early summer. Eddie Black has been working on “Influential” the mix cd and “Immortalized in Rhyme” the album as well, and is planning on releasing it (Date?)…

Before the two joined forces, they performed with different groups. Vxe performing with a group named Unified Army, which included artist (name others in the group). Eddie Black was originally with Washington D.C’s own The Questionmark Asylum, the group released single “Lookaway” in 1995, which led to the group getting signed by major label Capital records. Unfortunately the deal fall through short after due to (issue?), but it made it possible for the two to get together and merge their talent and passion for music.

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Instagram @VXE101 / @cge_eddieblack




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