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100 Proof: Remixes To Drake's '0 To 100' Ranked Worst To Best

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drake-0_to_100-63969.jpeg True to his word, Drake came right this summer with the banger "0-100/The Catch Up."

OVO's capo laid down some quality lines as he reminded listeners exactly where he stands in the rap game. As with any "it" beat (Produced by Boi-1da, co-produced by 40 & Nineteen85); Drizzy's performance influenced a few other MCs to hop on the instrumental.

We gathered the notable offerings and ranked them, from struggle to stunning. Check out the list real quick to see who's really on that real s**t. —Tariq Rashad Rich Homie QuanRich Homie Quan

Quotable: "Got 'em real mad/Ay, brand new car's top dropped on' em/You know that muhfucka go real fast."

VIBE says: Sir. Stick to hooks, please.

0 to 100 scale: 20 Guordan BanksGourdan Banks

Quotable: "Catch me with a bad bitch every time of the day/If I ain't king of RnB I'm on my motherfuckin' way."

VIBE says: It's not likely he's blowing by R.Kelly or Usher anytime soon, but you've got to commend his confidence.

0 to 100 scale: 25 Lil MouseLil' Mouse

Quotable: "All these diss songs, pay no mind to em/Shootas have your mom cry in' sayin' bye to ya"

VIBE says: Mouse has got years to improve. E for effort.

0 to 100 scale: 30 SBOES.B.O.E. (Slowbucks Over Everything)

Quotable: "Thought I was slipping on the Ave./I told 'em hold that/Tre pound flashing on a nigga like it's Kodak"

VIBE says: Decent remix but the tired gun toting rhymes are so cliché

0 to 100 scale: 40 RansomRansom

Quotable: “Y’all wrong ‘cause I want more than that/If you the definition of street then I am the almanac.”

VIBE says: Ransom went a little too heavy with the name dropping, but still solid.

0 to 100 scale: 50 PapoosePapoose

Quotable: “I been Tony Parker with the shot/Larry Davis to the cops/Babe mayo wit’ the guap, boy.”

VIBE says: Pap did it up just in time for Remy Ma’s release.

0 to 100 scale: 60 JapiroJapiro

Quotable: "The future is looking grim for these niggas/All that trap rapping and lying ain't hitting/Nobody would ever mention how long I persevered/And I been rapping better than y'all niggas for twenty years"

VIBE says: Solid bars coming at faux coke raps and establishing your seniority in the game? We can dig it.

0 to 100 scale: 73 Lil DurkLil’ Durk

Quotable: “In my circle no squares so you don’t fit nigga/Draft day with my shootas so who you pick nigga?”

VIBE says: Keke Palmer probably blushed at Durk’s shoutout. We don’t think Tyga and Game were as easily impressed.

0 to 100 scale: 78 VadoVado

Quotable: “Daytona Roll the Skydweller/Lot of dames on ‘em he a fly fella/High times look like spilled paint up on his Margielas.”

VIBE says: Harlem flexing at it’s finest.

0 to 100 scale: 81 G-UnitG-Unit

Quotable: "This is homicide, more tears in your mama's eyes/More reason to wake up, real niggas arrived"

VIBE says: Banks comes up strong but we could use a few more solid lines from the rest of the Unit.

0 to 100 scale: 84 Fat TrelFat Trel

Quotable: "Get yo' shit together, what my older brother say/And I'm dickin' bitches on jets, they thinking snakes on a plane/Some shit'll never change, stone cold gang/Police is taking pictures and they know my whole name."

VIBE says: MMG's D.C. connect came right and keeps it ruthless.

0 to 100 scale: 88 Joell OrtizJoell Ortiz

Quotable: "I'm out here with my gang, I ain't talking bout the House boy/But they got some shit in common/Both rap (wrap) niggas/Some rhyming, some embalming'."

VIBE says: Yoawa! We love double entendres. Keep it up, Joell.

0 to 100 scale: 90 Meek MillMeek Mill

Quotable: "I tell 'em wear it your funeral/Be stuntin' while they viewing you/Errbody goons 'til we send that .32 at you."

VIBE says: Meek let Louie V. know what's up. I doubt any more chains will be snatched.

0 to 100 scale: 91 SkemeSkeme

Quotable: "I can eye ball it, what the fuck we need a scale fo'?/Out of town killin', overnight your ass an elbow."

Vibe says: Skeme brings it home with some scary imagery. RIP RIP!

0 to 100 scale: 93

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